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1080 934d 23h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations.
- Launcher is now more customizable for modding (see launcher repository for details).
1059 1485d 01h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Attempt to fix bug with Realistic Corporation which prevents player from building a wonder if a corp HQ pops up in the city and you only have 1 wonder slot left
Fixed bug in turkish translation script which prevents the installer to be compiled
1055 1507d 23h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations.
- Merged PBMod.xml with other text files.
- Fixed a bug where a translation wasn't updated because the new translation was similar to the English one (thanks Dreifels for the report). The similar translations are now deleted and only English is kept, thus making files lighter.

- Updated directory structure (aligned with megacivpack).
- Added scripts to create a new installer and to update the translation (it needs Autohotkey installed).
- Updated tools binaries and add linux binaries.
1019 1827d 04h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations (no support for Estonian or Esperanto yet).  
1003 2000d 12h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Launcher updated to 1.23:
---> Fixed a bug that prevent to read the correct version number starting from revision 1000
- Updated translations
- Fix: was generating a python error
- Fix: Incorrect pathing behavior
993 2084d 13h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations (last import reports are now put in translations/)
- Fix: Meso-American caravel was using the wrong button
- Fix: Disable the activation of the BUG modules when starting the game from Pitboss (no screen = errors).
- Installer lang update:
--> Fix: Lang updater now updates commented language
--> Fix: Lang updater now replaces transifex' slashes during imports

- Launcher updated to 1.22:
--> A warning will appear if you are using the wrong Steam version (can be disabled in the options)
--> If the Mega Civ. Pack is installed and enabled, the launcher will now warn you when an update is available.
--> Updated translations
989 2094d 09h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Added support for Ukrainian (more than 5% translated).
- Updated translations.
- Dev: Rewrited the documentation for the installer and the translation updater. Added the NSIS unicode setup.
- Dev: Improved the installer language updater to prevent it to use illegal characters.
- Dev: Renamed the installer helper tool "installer_lang_update.exe" to "script_translations.exe" to avoid the need of administrator privileges.
- Dev: Compressed tools using UPX.
- Launcher updated to 1.21:
---> Ukrainian support
---> Removed language percentage from menu. Check it directly on the translation page.
---> Fix: The dev tracker button cannot be checked.
988 2095d 00h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Fixed a critical bug that made the AI to attack with only one unit at a time. Rolled back some changes from revision 929.
- Updated launcher translations.
- Updated transifex client version to 0.11b3.
987 2100d 03h dbkblk /Trunk/ Updated translations (new languages will come on a later update)  
976 2198d 00h dbkblk /Trunk/ Updated translations  
968 2230d 02h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations for de (+1%), ru (+7%), cs (+7%), da (+1%), zh-Hans (+1%), el (+2%) & pt_BR (+3%)  
964 2247d 14h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations (cs, da, de, el, fi, pt_BR, ru, tr, zh-Hans)
- Fix: Domestic advisor doesn't launch in Italian and Russian
- Merged text files
957 2258d 15h dbkblk /Trunk/ Updated translations: de (+3%), it (+3%), es (+3%), pl (+1%), ru (+2%), cs (+13%), da (+4%), ar (+3%), ko (+3%), el (+2%), pt (+2%), pt_BR (+6%), nl (+1%), ca (+2%), zh_Hans (+11%), bg (+0%), tr (+0%). Thanks to all the translators :)  
952 2267d 06h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Fix some mistakenly tags moved to standard files instead of pedia file (merger + files)
- Updated transifex configuration
951 2267d 07h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations: ar, cs, da, de, el, es, fr, it, nl, pt, pt_BR, ru, tr and zh-Hans.
- Moved _STRATEGY strings from BUILDINGS, PROJECTS, UNITS and TECHNOLOGIES into separated files. Those will be moved to the Civilopedia section of the translation platform.
- Updated merger to v1.1 (strategy strings compatibility).
944 2271d 02h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Removed 824 unused tags.
- The AI will prioritize settlers over wonders (faster expansion).
- Merged the introduction screen (dawn of man) from Platy UI (credits: Platyping).
- Reverted some BBAI variables regarding siege assaults.
- Updated translations: ar, bg, ca, cs, da, de, el, es, fi, fr, hu, it, ja, ko, nl, pl, pt, pt_BR, ru, tr, zh_Hans and zh_Hant. Thanks to all the translators :)
937 2274d 08h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Fixed the AI early game development. AI should build wonders and expand a lot faster than before.
- Initial support for Bulgarian, Catalan (Initial translation: 35%, credits below) and Dutch (DLL and Launcher v1.19).
- Updated Arabic (+6%), Brazilian (+5%), Czech (+7%), Danish (+4%), German (+2%), Greek (+2%), French (+0%), Hungarian (+3%), Italian (+2%), Polish (+0%), Russian (+0%), Spanish (+0%), Turkish (+0%). Kudos to the 117 members of the translation team.
- Merged the text file from Vokarya's latest rev.

Credits for the initial Catalan translation:
gangleri2001 -
925 2280d 04h dbkblk /Trunk/ - New totally reworked AI production code (experimental). To enable it, open "Assets\XML\A_New_Dawn_GlobalDefines.xml" with a notepad and set <DefineName>EXPERIMENTAL_AI_TWEAK</DefineName> to 1. This new AI code really makes a difference: larger wars, lots of situational turnovers, better naval invasions, trait influenced building choices... It also makes the diplomacy a lot more interesting. Please give your feedback in the according forum thread. It still has some known weakness.
- Make the AI to better siege cities (xUPT is still not well supported).
- Fix: reset the blue interface color by default
- Fix: reset the default font rendering by default
- Updated German (+4%), Italian (+3%), Spanish (+1%), Hungarian (+2%), Polish (+1%), Czech (+11%), Danish (+5%), Korean (+1%), Brazilian (+7%).
- Split Chinese into Simplified Chinese (current translation) and Traditional Chinese).
- Launcher updated to 1.18:
---> Chinese (simplified / traditional) support
---> Larger option window
---> Dropped some useless compilation options
919 2287d 13h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Fix: Event signs now display a short description only on latin1 languages (en, fr, de, it, es, fi, pt, pt_BR).
- Fix: The former owner of a captured city is now displayed only on latin1 languages.
- Fix: Polish characters "ł", "ń" and "ę" are now displayed in-game.
- Fix: Russian letter "Я" was broken in the main menu.
- Updated Brazilian, Czech, Greek, Italian, Russian and Spanish translations.
913 2289d 12h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Linux & MacOS launcher compatibility -

- Launcher, updater and all others tools are recompiled with MinGW, which ensures full compatibility with Linux (Wine) and MacOS (Wine/CrossOver). Tested under Ubuntu 14.04. All the internal tools (rsync, tar, etc.) are now from the MSYS distribution instead of CygWin. MSVC2010 isn't needed anymore!
- Add: initial support for Brazilian (split from Portuguese).
- Fix: missing Greek flag in the launcher
- Fix: critical error in the updater, which sometimes corrupts the interface and art files. Note: this will be effective only once this update will be applied.
- Fix: Carpenter text tags were Carpenter2.
- Updated Czech, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish translations.
- Launcher updated to 1.17:
---> Compatibility with MSYS
---> Brazilian compatibility

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