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1038 1461d 10h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed date when starting from advanced eras
Fixed CTD when using Flexible Difficulty starting from advanced eras
Fixed Realistic Timescale when starting from advanced eras
Early balancing work for advanced starts
1037 1464d 04h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed text for civics/buildings
Slowed down research for barbarians, especially when using Raging Barbarians or Barbarian World
New tag ForbiddenCivic, currently used only for Liberal/Intolerant to make civics incompatible
1033 1491d 15h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Slight adjustment to tech speed for huge maps
Initialized a bunch of variables in the dll, might help prevent OOS problems
1023 1546d 03h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Temporarily removed new Free Trade Agreement code
Workers cannot be enslaved anymore ("free worker when enslaving" bug, they can still be captured)
Workers are tradeable again but option default off in BUG diplomacy menu
Religion spread/decay rates tweaked, slower spread before Middle Age, faster decay
Minimum city border option hidden and off by default
Permanent Alliance option hidden and off by default (but activable via BUG menu)
Early work on Permanent Alliances, now multi civs alliances can be signed (i.e. more than 2 civs in the same alliance)
1007 1679d 09h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed bug when trading workers loaded on a transport (not possible anymore, like for other units)
Signing a Trade Embargo against a target civ now prevents player too from trading with target civ
Free Trade Agreement now can be signed only with another single civ, allows to share all resources between civs
Getting Right of Passage is now easier than Open Borders
Made a bit easier to sign a Trade Embargo
1006 1703d 15h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Removed Single Currency UN Resolution (useless, there are no more Trade Routes in the mod)
Added Redevelopment as forced civic UN Resolution and boosted a bit Foreign Connectedness trade for Redevelopment
Free Trade (Open Markets) UN Resolution now grants +10% Foreign Connectedness commerce for every player
Fixed Embargo and Declare War Resolution
Fixed Enslavement causing slaves to appear on water tiles during amphibious attacks
Fixed foreign connectedness display instead of trade routes on trade icon in the score list
991 1829d 17h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed AI air units and nukes production (moved up in production function)
Boost for National wonders and Projects (AI was building too few of them)
Attempo to fix some starvation problem by moving up a check in production function
Contact Decay fix
Increased nukes production probability (AI wasn't building any)
Fixed CTD caused by MAD nukes when a city was razed
Increased AIweight for some NW
Reduced dirty power unhealthiness
977 1936d 04h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed barbarians getting techs first (including religions, which were not being founded, great people, free techs, etc)
Palace of Potala now correctly reduces War Wearness (was mistakenly increasing it)
Fixed BUG options tab not being displayed when cheatcode or Debug mode are active
Fixed a misspelled tag in Hereditary Rule (civicinfos)
Conscription increased Overcrowding Unhappiness reduced from 100% to 50%; also increased military production from 50% to 75%
Divine Cult reduce Overcrowding Unhappiness by 50% + sone other modifiers slightly tweaked to make DC more useful
973 1950d 06h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Tweaked tech costs when using Revolution (research is usually slower because of revolutions, this change will not influence games where Rev is OFF)
Some more Revolution balancing
Reduced religion spread for new religions
Increased default size of barbarian cities required to become civs (less civs but stronger)
RevIndex calculation is now split between humans and AI (for modifier and offset values)
969 1966d 07h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Reduced overcrowding unhappiness for small cities (pop < 4)
Reduced a bit distance unhappiness for AI
Attempt to fix AI expansion problems on other continents/islands by partially restoring old code before dbkblk's changes in CityAI Production function
Added some randomness in AI willingness to talk and sign peace when running Interventionism
Reworked a bit AI Flexible Difficulty, removing use of iAIResearchPercent, which is now used only as an offset parameter between human and AI players
Reworked a bit Realistic Timescale function
Some balancing work (to be completed in future revisions) for research and buildings/units production
Increased willingness for AI to produce First Nuclear Test and Warhead Factory
Tweaked iRevReligiousFreedom
955 2001d 21h afforess /Trunk/ Fix Advanced Start AI City placement
Fix Advanced Start AI Building Selections
Fix Advanced Start AI Route placement
Fix Advanced Start AI Tech Purchasing
Fix Advanced Start AI Improvement building
Fix Advanced Start AI city extra population purchases
Fix Bug in AI where changes in city population, health, or happiness might not cause AI to change value of yield types.
Allow AI to choose production of units of UNITAI_ATTACK_CITY as well as UNITAI_ATTACK when creating an offensive army
Count the number of UNITAI_ATTACK_CITY units as part of the offensive army of the AI when choosing unit production
Fix bug in AI where it might not re-calculate trainable units after a new tech is researched
Encourage AI to use larger stacks to attack with based on Aggressive/Ruthless AI rather than by player difficulty type
Restore k-mod/koshling AI related to calculating bombard choices
Prevent AI from wasting large stack ( > = 4 units) of unit's time with pillaging
912 2027d 23h afforess /Trunk/ Restore some mistakenly deleted text entries
Decrease Meteor event occurance weight
Separate BBAI logging into separate log file per team
Remove floating defenders cache, waste of memory
Turn off unit tendering contract system
Tweak Ai city defense behavior
Tone down AI resource claiming
Add logging for great commander AI decisions (which has only shown me how poorly the AI is with them...)
905 2032d 22h afforess /Trunk/ Signs created by players will be saved (after one turn is passed after sign creation)
Cargo hover text w/cargo promotions and special cargo units correctly shows number of units aboard
Fix game freeze and bug displaying turns left for production in rare cases
Fix bug where granting independence to cities causes mass war declaration
896 2042d 07h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Guilds are turned off by default in GameOptions
Early Buildings and Civic Buildings are turned on by default in Gameoptions
Added message broadcasted when contact is lost with a civ you don't have an embassy with
New embassy code made optional under BUG options (default ON)
Fixed Revision number
895 2042d 21h afforess /Trunk/ early implementation of Contact Decay feature  
894 2043d 02h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/Sources/ Sources updated but not compiled for new Embassy feature (Rhye's and Fall style)  
893 2043d 17h afforess /Trunk/ Changed AI siege behavior, will attempt to group siege units more effectively, avoid leaving siege units anywhere in the open in enemy territory
Fix realistic timescales having improper tech costs when an non-Ancient-Era starting era is used.
Block AI ability to build units with AIWeight XML tag below -1000 (configurable via global define 'AI_WEIGHT_CAN_NOT_CONSTRUCT_FOR_AI_THRESHOLD')
Set Ram siege units to have AIWeight -1000
Prevent siege units from claiming territory
Allow AI stacks to engage other AI stacks directly with collateral damaging attacks, even when in enemy territory, when the AI stack is > 4 units in size. (Normally AI could only attack a stack to inflict collateral damage in friendly territory)
Minor Unit AI tweaks
882 2050d 01h afforess /Trunk/ Remove uninitialized variable from CvUnit - caused a rare bug where units would be allowed to upgrade for infinite promotions with no XP.
Tweak minor civs to declare war on any new civs they meet after their initial foundation.
860 2100d 04h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Removed Fascist civic from
Vassals can now break free if they're above 80% of master's military strenght; also they can break free if master lost half of his territory (or more) AND they're above 90% of master's military strenght
856 2113d 00h afforess /Trunk/ Tweak AI to be more lenient in some diplomacy trades when you lack their religion
Improve Zone of Control so when multiple units with ZoC adjacent to each other exist, you can still engage one
Rewrite Piracy promotion a bit so it does not use hardcoded promotion name, but piracy xml tag

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