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1027 1532d 04h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Added evasion chance for nukes based on launch position - target distance (the closer the distance, the higher the evasion chance)
Attempt to fix bug with terraforming improvements (partially reverted changes from rev 213)
Fixed PBEM (partially reverted rev930)
992 1824d 14h dbkblk /Trunk/ - The barbarian invasions update -

At the begining, you might think it is over. You won't survive. But. Where there is life, there is hope. Some civilizations have collapsed before, and you can survive. Just remember: they were here before you existed.

- Major overhaul of the raging barbarian (RB) option, standard option is mostly untouched.
- RB: Huge production boost (XML setting).
- RB: Increased spawn in the fog (XML setting).
- Attack bonus against barbarians have been rebalanced. From 40% to 5% bonus for the three harder difficulty levels. AI bonus have been slightly decreased.
- RB: Balanced city defense to be more offensive.
- RB: Greatly improved behavior. Barbarians will float into wild regions. If enough of them are in the region, they will try to gather to form a small army. Then, they can walk to overtake the nearest city OR gather even more to make a large barbarian invasion.
- RB: Increased probability for barbs to build a unit instead of a building.
- RB: Fix the flexible difficulty compatibility. RB isn't dependent of difficulty anymore (when disabled, it still works as before), only the bonus against them is variable.
- Enable city flip when a barbarian city revolts with no unit to protect it.
- Fix: Barbarians will also use city defense units to attack. Of course, they will leave a minimal defensive stack at home :)
- Fix: gSavedSigns was used before to be initialized.
972 1955d 11h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ [*]Average score calculation for Flexible Difficulty doesn't count small civs in later eras anymore if Revolution is ON (civs with 1 city after Medieval era) because it was throwing handicap calculation off balance
CTD fixed when using xUPT limit
Partially reverted rev953 changes by Afforess because they were causing AI not to attack at all when at war
Tweaked some revolution values, AI has predefined values now but you can manually select an offset for human players making revolutions for humans easier or harder
Scaled for gamespeed revolution Index and number of turns of disorder
Resized some units (carriers, fast battleship and nanite cloud)
Reduced a bit Ancient Era techs cost
955 2001d 21h afforess /Trunk/ Fix Advanced Start AI City placement
Fix Advanced Start AI Building Selections
Fix Advanced Start AI Route placement
Fix Advanced Start AI Tech Purchasing
Fix Advanced Start AI Improvement building
Fix Advanced Start AI city extra population purchases
Fix Bug in AI where changes in city population, health, or happiness might not cause AI to change value of yield types.
Allow AI to choose production of units of UNITAI_ATTACK_CITY as well as UNITAI_ATTACK when creating an offensive army
Count the number of UNITAI_ATTACK_CITY units as part of the offensive army of the AI when choosing unit production
Fix bug in AI where it might not re-calculate trainable units after a new tech is researched
Encourage AI to use larger stacks to attack with based on Aggressive/Ruthless AI rather than by player difficulty type
Restore k-mod/koshling AI related to calculating bombard choices
Prevent AI from wasting large stack ( > = 4 units) of unit's time with pillaging
889 2044d 21h afforess /Trunk/ Fix bug where you could sell cease contact for vassals/master civs.
AI Tweak: Increase AI long-war counter from 40 turns to 60 turnsAdd meteor strike random event. Alters when the AI thinks a war has dragged on too long and pursues peace.
Removed +1 health from corn, wheat, potatoes, rice from Granary
Added +1 health to Granary
Added new meteor strike random event
Add ability for volcano and meteor strike random event to possibly trigger global 'dark ages'
Fix bug in loading Culture Level XML, where modules could not overwrite values correctly
888 2046d 11h dbkblk /Trunk/ -Introducing xUnits-Per-Tiles (xUPT)... reloaded!-
The implementation takes the good ideas from Civilization V and mixes them with Civilization IV core game mechanisms to get an hybrid system. More details on the forum thread:

- Added xUPT from 1 to 100 units per tiles. Change the limit in the in-game BUG options (tab "A New Dawn").
- Moved icons to the art folder
- Moved old documentation to Docs/
- Fixed a random crash due to a division by 0
- Launcher updated to 1.10:
---> Improve the texture changing and clear game options on update functions
878 2053d 18h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed bug that prevent cities to be founded on peaks
More balancing work, reduced a bit default number of starting civs
Increased animal & barbarians spawning
856 2113d 00h afforess /Trunk/ Tweak AI to be more lenient in some diplomacy trades when you lack their religion
Improve Zone of Control so when multiple units with ZoC adjacent to each other exist, you can still engage one
Rewrite Piracy promotion a bit so it does not use hardcoded promotion name, but piracy xml tag
816 2204d 21h afforess /Trunk/ Rewrite selection groups to use std::vector and stdext::hash_map storage (like cities and units now use)
Fix bug in reverse iterating cities
Rewrite cycleCities in CvGameInterface to account for ids no longer necessarily being in order
Resync code for CvTeam/CvTeamAI
Multiplayer Auto-Resynchronization for OOS is now enabled (experimental!)
808 2210d 22h afforess /Trunk/ More resync code for MP OOS
AI will not use stacks of units to claim territory for resources or guard claims with stacks of units
Add code to verify the value of the number of outside units each turn
Units with iDCMBombRange > 0 will show the archer bombard mission
804 2212d 23h afforess /Trunk/ Remove RomGameUtils (ancient, unneeded code)
Add resync serialization for CvArea, CvPlot, CvMap, CvDeal, partial for CvPlayer.
Shift->Hover on tiles reveals exact culture amounts for each player
Added Fixed Borders AI, units will claim and defend resources near borders
801 2214d 22h afforess /Trunk/ Claiming territory tiles requires that you own a tile culturally adjacent to the tile you wish to claim
Added AI logic to encourage AI units to claim nearby resource tiles
Early Resync code (not yet enabled) to fix OOS's
796 2218d 07h afforess /Trunk/ Replace City Zone of Control cache with more effective system
Remove Promotion Zone of Control cache
Add global variable to simplistically track whether any units have a zone of control promotion for speed optimization purposes
Rewrite the city scaling mechanic so that it works under pitboss (which has no active player...)
No City Limits game option is disabled (required to be off)
Building Requirements Scaling is disabled (required to be on)
Fix save compatibility
Import a few minor C2C bugfixes to pathfinding
Cache more global defines in variables for performance reasons
794 2220d 00h afforess /Trunk/ More detailed network messages for debugging multiplayer
Remove zCivics (ancient file, should not be in repo)
Fix bug in FFReeListTrashArray.h causing OOS issues
Save/Load zobrist plot cache to ensure game integrity
Set Franco's favorite civic to despotism
788 2232d 02h afforess /Trunk/ Restore depleted mine features  
787 2232d 07h afforess /Trunk/ Add SpecialistCommercePercentChanges field to buildings.  
781 2237d 04h afforess /Trunk/ Fix save compatibility with revisions before 780  
780 2238d 01h afforess /Trunk/ Remove Reeducation center, Checkpoint buildings
Try to re-assign population when city shrinks to avoid turning off employed buildings
Update connectedness when plundered
Give 33% of foreign connectedness commerce as plunder gold, 20% of domestic connectedness
Remove recalled ambassador penalty when AI ceases relations with you
Remove unused variables in CvPlot, should slightly reduce memory footprint
Performance improvements with counting replaced buildings for prerequisites
Turn on random number generator verbose logging in DEBUG dlls
Lay groundwork for research cost scaling based on map yields (unfinished and de-activated at present)
762 2256d 03h afforess /Trunk/ Replacement (upgrade) buildings count towards prerequisites
Resources discovered by random chance from improvements can not appear on terrain types they are not valid for
Display saved maintenance from buildings as negative (as in reducing maintenance costs)
Cut down on excess padding space in civic screen
Farms no longer give +1 food without irrigation or techs
Farms no longer get +1 food with machine tools
Jungle camp no longer gives +1 food without Naturopathy
Jungle camp on river gives +1 commerce instead of +2 commerce
Graveyard now obsoletes at Education instead of Philosophy
748 2266d 23h afforess /Trunk/ Add national defense automation
Fix AI combat odds evaluation

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