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1083 153d 14h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed an infinte loop caused by recalc  
1077 571d 15h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed glitch in revolution code
Fixed wrong Connectedness tags in CivicInfos.xml
Added 3 new xml tags for train/contruct/create scaling by era
1074 589d 15h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Workaround for 1-size city bug
Experimental 100-civs dll (not active)
1056 1027d 12h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Merged Pitboss Mod v7 by Ramkhamhaeng; pitboss will now only work using Pitboss Mod by Ramkhamhaeng
Fixed some OOS in Pitboss and network multiplayer
Improved logging for MP and Pitboss
Human vassals are forced to vote for their master in the same manner as AI vassals are (code by DarkLunaPhantom)
Meteor and Volcano dark age events are enabled only when Strategic Events is checked
Reduced number of turns in autoplay during a revolution in multiplayer games (32 turns on eternity, 4 turns on blitz)
Fixed color for unmet players in wonder tab
1054 1081d 12h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed date displayed after 2200AD when reloading the game
Barbarians don't build trade caravans anymore
Increased barbarian activity, especially when using Raging Barbarians
Updated links for modmods in the launcher (removed More Dinosaurs and added Chronicles)
1052 1085d 12h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Increased units costs (x3) and decreased techs costs accordingly, also reworked AI production function accordingly
Removed tech trading if AI player has no cities
New Totestra map with Marshes included, thanks aggri1
Some gameoptions default changed
National Units scaled for gamespeed
RoM and AND concepts merged in civilopedia and removed some old RoM concepts
Merged Pitboss Mod v6 code but commented it out for the moment from dll; python not fully imported yet
Possible fix for Espionage screen bug
Possible OOS fixed
1048 1136d 13h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Slowed down Barbarians research
Removed Raze and Fortify AI code
Reduced razing probability for AI
Reduced Espionage Costs for large empires (scaled by number of cities)
Reduced some Espionage Missions Cost
Fixed Resources requirements for Routes
Added text to pedia, AND Concepts explaining how Razing works
1045 1216d 18h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Attempt to improve OOS logging
Fixed text being displayed incorrectly when population is employed
Attempt to fix OOS caused by attitude caching
Attempt to fix OOS in diplomacy caused by a MemoryCount leftover
Fixed attitude being calculated for players and vassals at the same time
Dark age event (meteor/volcano) disabled in MP since it's causing a CTD
1043 1237d 21h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Possible temporary fix for OOS "First Strike"
Fixed text for the buildings/Wonders that cause other buildings to generate commerce
Merged Watiggi's Raze city mod
Reduced time when you leave control to AI after a revolution that changes leader
1041 1250d 14h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Forgot source files in previous commit
Recompiled dll
1037 1254d 13h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed text for civics/buildings
Slowed down research for barbarians, especially when using Raging Barbarians or Barbarian World
New tag ForbiddenCivic, currently used only for Liberal/Intolerant to make civics incompatible
1036 1258d 16h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Possible fix for OOS in Pitboss caused by Flexible AI Difficulty
Possible fix for OOS in Pitboss "AI Target City Value"
Added iStateReligionHealth tag and removed Health from Monasteries when using Church
Removed Inflation text from very old revisions
Changed text for Improvement growth rate
Fixed text for Village Hall line buildings displaying "stability in every city" instead of stability in the city where it's built, same for Tax Office
1034 1272d 22h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Rebalanced Religion Decay / Religion Spread when Multiple Religion Spread is active
Fixed Enslavement chance not being reset to 0 when switching out of Slavery civic
Probably fixed "First Strike" OOS in Multiplayer, caused by Great Commanders First Strike
Improved logging for "AI Safety" random roll, OOS might be caused by Terrain Damage BUG option
Probably fixed "Memory Decay" OOS in Multiplayer
Probably fixed "AI Promote" OOS in Multiplayer
Probably fixed some diplomacy caused frequent OOS in Multiplayer (it's more a workaround, the actual function causing OOS AI_getContactTimer
1033 1282d 01h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Slight adjustment to tech speed for huge maps
Initialized a bunch of variables in the dll, might help prevent OOS problems
1023 1336d 13h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Temporarily removed new Free Trade Agreement code
Workers cannot be enslaved anymore ("free worker when enslaving" bug, they can still be captured)
Workers are tradeable again but option default off in BUG diplomacy menu
Religion spread/decay rates tweaked, slower spread before Middle Age, faster decay
Minimum city border option hidden and off by default
Permanent Alliance option hidden and off by default (but activable via BUG menu)
Early work on Permanent Alliances, now multi civs alliances can be signed (i.e. more than 2 civs in the same alliance)
1007 1469d 19h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed bug when trading workers loaded on a transport (not possible anymore, like for other units)
Signing a Trade Embargo against a target civ now prevents player too from trading with target civ
Free Trade Agreement now can be signed only with another single civ, allows to share all resources between civs
Getting Right of Passage is now easier than Open Borders
Made a bit easier to sign a Trade Embargo
1006 1494d 01h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Removed Single Currency UN Resolution (useless, there are no more Trade Routes in the mod)
Added Redevelopment as forced civic UN Resolution and boosted a bit Foreign Connectedness trade for Redevelopment
Free Trade (Open Markets) UN Resolution now grants +10% Foreign Connectedness commerce for every player
Fixed Embargo and Declare War Resolution
Fixed Enslavement causing slaves to appear on water tiles during amphibious attacks
Fixed foreign connectedness display instead of trade routes on trade icon in the score list
1003 1529d 03h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Launcher updated to 1.23:
---> Fixed a bug that prevent to read the correct version number starting from revision 1000
- Updated translations
- Fix: was generating a python error
- Fix: Incorrect pathing behavior
998 1551d 13h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Introduced new building tag bFreeFromStateReligion to make temples buildable without state religion (taking this part of the code out of the dll)
Fixed OCC requiring a minimum number of cities to construct some buildings (warhead factory, for example)
991 1620d 03h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed AI air units and nukes production (moved up in production function)
Boost for National wonders and Projects (AI was building too few of them)
Attempo to fix some starvation problem by moving up a check in production function
Contact Decay fix
Increased nukes production probability (AI wasn't building any)
Fixed CTD caused by MAD nukes when a city was razed
Increased AIweight for some NW
Reduced dirty power unhealthiness

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