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1027 1532d 02h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Added evasion chance for nukes based on launch position - target distance (the closer the distance, the higher the evasion chance)
Attempt to fix bug with terraforming improvements (partially reverted changes from rev 213)
Fixed PBEM (partially reverted rev930)
1008 1664d 02h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed Gold bug with Free Trade Agreement
Increased Animal spawn rate when Raging Barbarian is ON
Added code in tech help for Improvements upgrade/pillage
992 1824d 12h dbkblk /Trunk/ - The barbarian invasions update -

At the begining, you might think it is over. You won't survive. But. Where there is life, there is hope. Some civilizations have collapsed before, and you can survive. Just remember: they were here before you existed.

- Major overhaul of the raging barbarian (RB) option, standard option is mostly untouched.
- RB: Huge production boost (XML setting).
- RB: Increased spawn in the fog (XML setting).
- Attack bonus against barbarians have been rebalanced. From 40% to 5% bonus for the three harder difficulty levels. AI bonus have been slightly decreased.
- RB: Balanced city defense to be more offensive.
- RB: Greatly improved behavior. Barbarians will float into wild regions. If enough of them are in the region, they will try to gather to form a small army. Then, they can walk to overtake the nearest city OR gather even more to make a large barbarian invasion.
- RB: Increased probability for barbs to build a unit instead of a building.
- RB: Fix the flexible difficulty compatibility. RB isn't dependent of difficulty anymore (when disabled, it still works as before), only the bonus against them is variable.
- Enable city flip when a barbarian city revolts with no unit to protect it.
- Fix: Barbarians will also use city defense units to attack. Of course, they will leave a minimal defensive stack at home :)
- Fix: gSavedSigns was used before to be initialized.
977 1936d 02h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed barbarians getting techs first (including religions, which were not being founded, great people, free techs, etc)
Palace of Potala now correctly reduces War Wearness (was mistakenly increasing it)
Fixed BUG options tab not being displayed when cheatcode or Debug mode are active
Fixed a misspelled tag in Hereditary Rule (civicinfos)
Conscription increased Overcrowding Unhappiness reduced from 100% to 50%; also increased military production from 50% to 75%
Divine Cult reduce Overcrowding Unhappiness by 50% + sone other modifiers slightly tweaked to make DC more useful
972 1955d 09h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ [*]Average score calculation for Flexible Difficulty doesn't count small civs in later eras anymore if Revolution is ON (civs with 1 city after Medieval era) because it was throwing handicap calculation off balance
CTD fixed when using xUPT limit
Partially reverted rev953 changes by Afforess because they were causing AI not to attack at all when at war
Tweaked some revolution values, AI has predefined values now but you can manually select an offset for human players making revolutions for humans easier or harder
Scaled for gamespeed revolution Index and number of turns of disorder
Resized some units (carriers, fast battleship and nanite cloud)
Reduced a bit Ancient Era techs cost
945 2008d 21h afforess /Trunk/ Restore food yields properly after a Dark Age
Add unhappiness from the number of cities
Revert Era Info Regarding Tech Costs
938 2012d 07h dbkblk /Trunk/ Fixed a critical error preventing to load pre936 savegames
Fixed a GFC control error in interface during loading
936 2012d 15h afforess /Trunk/ Fix religions not auto-founding on later era starts
Fix automated workers not building improvements
930 2014d 22h afforess /Trunk/ Add Athletic's tech icon (was mistakenly deleted)
Enable experimental city AI improvements by default
Fix mis-ordered UNITAI_HUNTER in Enums
Minimize AI turns improved
928 2016d 02h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Restored Rise of Mankind Config.ini (Enhanced tech conquest mod)
Fixed text that displayed Increasing Difficulty while it was correctly Decreasing Difficulty
Increased by 1 number of national wonders on most advanced cultural levels.
921 2023d 13h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Partially reverted changes in rev918 about FlexibleAI (not working correctly yet)  
918 2026d 00h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Tweaked some Revolution factors (experimental)
Added customizable Flexible AI difficulty (max/min)
Lowered number of cities required for Warhead Factory
912 2027d 21h afforess /Trunk/ Restore some mistakenly deleted text entries
Decrease Meteor event occurance weight
Separate BBAI logging into separate log file per team
Remove floating defenders cache, waste of memory
Turn off unit tendering contract system
Tweak Ai city defense behavior
Tone down AI resource claiming
Add logging for great commander AI decisions (which has only shown me how poorly the AI is with them...)
905 2032d 20h afforess /Trunk/ Signs created by players will be saved (after one turn is passed after sign creation)
Cargo hover text w/cargo promotions and special cargo units correctly shows number of units aboard
Fix game freeze and bug displaying turns left for production in rare cases
Fix bug where granting independence to cities causes mass war declaration
904 2033d 18h afforess /Trunk/ Track number of dark ages that occur and decrease odds for multiple occurances
Decrease dark age chances for Volcano and Meteor strike event
Tweak religion spread, newly founded religions initially get a boost to spreading
Tweak religion decay, very old religions decay slightly faster
Fix python bug in Via Appia with undefined variable
Tweak AI city production, favor buildings for developing cities
Give AI ability to build caravan units...needs more improvement, but should at least allow them to consider building them (never would before)
895 2042d 19h afforess /Trunk/ early implementation of Contact Decay feature  
889 2044d 19h afforess /Trunk/ Fix bug where you could sell cease contact for vassals/master civs.
AI Tweak: Increase AI long-war counter from 40 turns to 60 turnsAdd meteor strike random event. Alters when the AI thinks a war has dragged on too long and pursues peace.
Removed +1 health from corn, wheat, potatoes, rice from Granary
Added +1 health to Granary
Added new meteor strike random event
Add ability for volcano and meteor strike random event to possibly trigger global 'dark ages'
Fix bug in loading Culture Level XML, where modules could not overwrite values correctly
885 2047d 03h afforess /Trunk/ Fix bug in BarbarianCiv where the game would not read modified settings from the BUG menu until a new game was started.
Improve AI settler pathfinding when it has an escort
Add global define "HIGH_TO_LOW_NUM_REASSIGNMENTS" to control the number of times the 'High to Low' game mode can re-assign players to a new civilization.
Add enums for BUTCHER and HERD missions.
Increased barbarian spawning rates modestly for raging barbarians mode, normal barbarian spawning is unchanged.
Add early Diplomacy Management menu -- deactived for now.
852 2122d 02h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Forgot Source Files  
840 2163d 03h afforess /Trunk/ Update MinimizeAITurnSlices option to be enabled by default (only for new installs, existing users must still enable the option themselves)  

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