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1085 110d 19h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Reverted changes to OverrideResourceBuilding  
1084 112d 06h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Attempt to fix a problem with OverrideResourceBuilding
Fixed wrong dll revision number
1083 114d 07h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed an infinte loop caused by recalc  
1082 365d 13h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed health/unhealthiness caused by improvements
Animals spawn up to classical era
Reverted to previous version of the updater/launcher until the new one can be fixed
1078 531d 05h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed limit for supposedly single units (not scaled by mapsize)
New tag OverrideResourceBuilding, applied as an example to Fast Battleship; it allows units to be built where Omnifactory is present even if not all resources are available (for example if you remove Steel/Durasteel from Omnifactory production).
Fixed revision number
1077 532d 08h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed glitch in revolution code
Fixed wrong Connectedness tags in CivicInfos.xml
Added 3 new xml tags for train/contruct/create scaling by era
1074 550d 08h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Workaround for 1-size city bug
Experimental 100-civs dll (not active)
1072 577d 08h horseshoehermit /Trunk/ Attempt to placate the auto-updater  
1070 592d 00h horseshoehermit /Trunk/Sources/ Bugfix: allow replacing improvements that share final upgrade  
1065 953d 12h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed TechYieldModifiers and TechYieldChanges code  
1064 960d 06h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Added bNoPower tag for Power Plants and Candlemaker (prevents buildings from being built when there's a free clean power source like Fusion Plant, Three Gorges Dam or Unlimited Power event)
Tweaked revolution scale for empire size
1062 968d 06h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Reverted rev1059 attempt to fix bug with Realistic Corporation which prevents player from building a wonder if a corp HQ pops up in the city and you only have 1 wonder slot left, it was causing CTD
Some pitboss code
1061 973d 05h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed a bug in Movement Limits  
1060 973d 09h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed Movement Limits (was always ON when Terrain Damage is OFF)
Attempt to fix another Pitboss OOS
1059 974d 09h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Attempt to fix bug with Realistic Corporation which prevents player from building a wonder if a corp HQ pops up in the city and you only have 1 wonder slot left
Fixed bug in turkish translation script which prevents the installer to be compiled
1058 975d 06h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Increased cost and reduced culture amount for Spread Culture espionage mission
New GameOption: Movement Limits, works with/without Terrain Damage, relative text files and RAND Concept entry
Fixed logic for Mountaineering tech value
Improved OOS logging for MP/Pitboss
Pitboss OOS/CTD fix (attempt)
1056 988d 05h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Merged Pitboss Mod v7 by Ramkhamhaeng; pitboss will now only work using Pitboss Mod by Ramkhamhaeng
Fixed some OOS in Pitboss and network multiplayer
Improved logging for MP and Pitboss
Human vassals are forced to vote for their master in the same manner as AI vassals are (code by DarkLunaPhantom)
Meteor and Volcano dark age events are enabled only when Strategic Events is checked
Reduced number of turns in autoplay during a revolution in multiplayer games (32 turns on eternity, 4 turns on blitz)
Fixed color for unmet players in wonder tab
1054 1042d 05h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed date displayed after 2200AD when reloading the game
Barbarians don't build trade caravans anymore
Increased barbarian activity, especially when using Raging Barbarians
Updated links for modmods in the launcher (removed More Dinosaurs and added Chronicles)
1052 1046d 05h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Increased units costs (x3) and decreased techs costs accordingly, also reworked AI production function accordingly
Removed tech trading if AI player has no cities
New Totestra map with Marshes included, thanks aggri1
Some gameoptions default changed
National Units scaled for gamespeed
RoM and AND concepts merged in civilopedia and removed some old RoM concepts
Merged Pitboss Mod v6 code but commented it out for the moment from dll; python not fully imported yet
Possible fix for Espionage screen bug
Possible OOS fixed
1050 1080d 08h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Reworking happiness for small cities
Removed pillaging cities for non land units, fixed 0 and lower city size when razing a city

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