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1091 141d 21h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed Flexible Difficulty/Flexible AI. Difficulty wasn't being changed properly and added some hint in the hover text for suggested frequency used for different gamespeeds. Also min and max AI difficulty can now be set via XML in A_New_Dawn_GlobalDefines.XML tags DEFAULT_FLEXIBLE_DIFFICULTY_AI_MIN_DIFFICULTY and DEFAULT_FLEXIBLE_DIFFICULTY_AI_MAX_DIFFICULTY  
1080 703d 14h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations.
- Launcher is now more customizable for modding (see launcher repository for details).
1075 826d 09h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1075
Tech Tree
New techs: Community (Ancient Era), Rhetoric (Classical Era)
Renames: Mysticism -> Tradition, Woodworking -> Crafting
Deleted Caste System tech
Code of Laws tech moved to Ancient Era: now centerpiece of Ancient Era (Code of Laws' content moved to Rhetoric)
Many Ancient and Classical techs given new requirements
Weaving requires Agriculture or Animal Husbandry
The Wheel requires Animal Husbandry
Feudalism requires Stirrup
Mercantilism requires Political Philosophy
Great Engineer moved from Seismology to Robotics
Fusion requires Superstrong Alloys
Androids requires Automated Vehicles
Shielding requires Fusion

All bonuses have a tech reveal (Fishing for Clams, Crab, Fish, Shrimp; Sailing for Pearls; Seafaring for Whale; Hunting for Fur, Ivory; Masonry for Salt; Fermentation for Coffee, Tea, Wine; Weaving for Cotton, Dye; Tradition for Incense; Herbalism for Sugar)
Build Path available at Stone Tools; build Road available at The Wheel
Jungle Camp +1 food from Herbalism made inherent
Glass obsoletes with Manufacturing; Paper obsoletes with Networking
Many buildings/units/Maglev given Durasteel option

Code of Laws is primary tech for early civics: Despotism, Caste, Conscription
Warrior Caste moved to Warfare
Nationalism deleted maintenance modifiers

New buildings: Press Gang (new civic building for Conscription, Draft Office is civic building for Mobilization); Tidal Power Plant (clean power for any oceanic city, requires Environmental Economics); Geothermal Power Plant (clean power with no citizen requirement, requires Wireless Electricity and Geothermal Energy in vicinity)
Harbor line deleted commerce from resources
Slave Market changed to flat +3 gold instead of hammers and gold bonus
Apiary reduced to +1 commerce
Villa deleted employed citizen
Arsenal moved to Explosives; added Iron option
Crystal Palace provides 1 free global Specialist; no culture from Specialists; expires with Manufacturing

Deleted tech requirements for Martial Arts, Transport I
Deleted many secondary tech requirements from units (tried to consolidate most units at just one tech requirement)
Slinger moved to Hunting and increased city defense to +50%
Javelineer moved to Crafting and added +50% vs mounted
Keshik is now a Rider replacement
Elephant Rider has no city attack bonus
War Elephant changed to base 9 Str, +3 with Siegecraft
Grenadier moved to Grand War
Light Cavalry moved to Military Science
Motorized Infantry requires Vulcanized Rubber
Carrier, Supercarrier, Fusion Carrier can only defend; removed coast attack and defense penalties
Helicopter, Gunship, Seaplane, Fighter, Early Bomber, Bomber require Aluminum or Steel
Stealth Bomber cannot Fighter Engage
Hybrid Gunship requires Aluminum or Durasteel
Bolter Infantry added +25% city defense; removed see invisible, Blitz promotion, bonus vs. gunpowder and tracked
Genetic Soldier starts with Heal and Mobility
Super Soldier requires Incubation Center; starts with Amphibious, March, Heal, Mobility
EMP Infantry removed Blitz promotion
Cyborg removed air range, ignore terrain movement costs, withdraw; requires Augmentation Center
Power Armored Infantry, Scout Mech, Assault Mech require Microchips
Aurora Scramjet, Orbital Bomber, Orbital Fighter are not invisible
Hacker can Steal Plans and Investigate City

Fixed art button problems for Hab Complex, Myth of the Sky; fixed problems with Formations module; fixed unit naming; edited revolution trigger for new religion civic and dynamic naming for Soviet Union
World size default playerse adjusted: Standard 10 -> 9; Large 15 -> 13; Giant 20 -> 21
1058 1254d 13h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Increased cost and reduced culture amount for Spread Culture espionage mission
New GameOption: Movement Limits, works with/without Terrain Damage, relative text files and RAND Concept entry
Fixed logic for Mountaineering tech value
Improved OOS logging for MP/Pitboss
Pitboss OOS/CTD fix (attempt)
1055 1276d 14h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations.
- Merged PBMod.xml with other text files.
- Fixed a bug where a translation wasn't updated because the new translation was similar to the English one (thanks Dreifels for the report). The similar translations are now deleted and only English is kept, thus making files lighter.

- Updated directory structure (aligned with megacivpack).
- Added scripts to create a new installer and to update the translation (it needs Autohotkey installed).
- Updated tools binaries and add linux binaries.
1051 1336d 19h dbkblk /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Language update  
1048 1376d 13h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Slowed down Barbarians research
Removed Raze and Fortify AI code
Reduced razing probability for AI
Reduced Espionage Costs for large empires (scaled by number of cities)
Reduced some Espionage Missions Cost
Fixed Resources requirements for Routes
Added text to pedia, AND Concepts explaining how Razing works
1044 1458d 02h dbkblk /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Automatic language update  
1031 1544d 16h dbkblk /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Language update (missing strings from rev1029)  
1030 1545d 09h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1030: Replace some missing text strings.  
1029 1545d 16h dbkblk /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Automatic language update  
1022 1579d 12h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Fixed text from "No Future Era" to "No Transhuman Era"
Workers are not tradeable anymore
Reduced enslavement rate from 10% to 3%
Rearranged techs costs from Industrial onwards to make them always increasing
1019 1595d 19h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations (no support for Estonian or Esperanto yet).  
1003 1769d 03h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Launcher updated to 1.23:
---> Fixed a bug that prevent to read the correct version number starting from revision 1000
- Updated translations
- Fix: was generating a python error
- Fix: Incorrect pathing behavior
993 1853d 04h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations (last import reports are now put in translations/)
- Fix: Meso-American caravel was using the wrong button
- Fix: Disable the activation of the BUG modules when starting the game from Pitboss (no screen = errors).
- Installer lang update:
--> Fix: Lang updater now updates commented language
--> Fix: Lang updater now replaces transifex' slashes during imports

- Launcher updated to 1.22:
--> A warning will appear if you are using the wrong Steam version (can be disabled in the options)
--> If the Mega Civ. Pack is installed and enabled, the launcher will now warn you when an update is available.
--> Updated translations
989 1863d 00h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Added support for Ukrainian (more than 5% translated).
- Updated translations.
- Dev: Rewrited the documentation for the installer and the translation updater. Added the NSIS unicode setup.
- Dev: Improved the installer language updater to prevent it to use illegal characters.
- Dev: Renamed the installer helper tool "installer_lang_update.exe" to "script_translations.exe" to avoid the need of administrator privileges.
- Dev: Compressed tools using UPX.
- Launcher updated to 1.21:
---> Ukrainian support
---> Removed language percentage from menu. Check it directly on the translation page.
---> Fix: The dev tracker button cannot be checked.
987 1868d 18h dbkblk /Trunk/ Updated translations (new languages will come on a later update)  
976 1966d 16h dbkblk /Trunk/ Updated translations  
972 1985d 20h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ [*]Average score calculation for Flexible Difficulty doesn't count small civs in later eras anymore if Revolution is ON (civs with 1 city after Medieval era) because it was throwing handicap calculation off balance
CTD fixed when using xUPT limit
Partially reverted rev953 changes by Afforess because they were causing AI not to attack at all when at war
Tweaked some revolution values, AI has predefined values now but you can manually select an offset for human players making revolutions for humans easier or harder
Scaled for gamespeed revolution Index and number of turns of disorder
Resized some units (carriers, fast battleship and nanite cloud)
Reduced a bit Ancient Era techs cost
968 1998d 17h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations for de (+1%), ru (+7%), cs (+7%), da (+1%), zh-Hans (+1%), el (+2%) & pt_BR (+3%)  

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