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1038 1461d 08h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed date when starting from advanced eras
Fixed CTD when using Flexible Difficulty starting from advanced eras
Fixed Realistic Timescale when starting from advanced eras
Early balancing work for advanced starts
1028 1524d 05h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Added some randomness when a volountary vassal can leave its master
Increased Religion Decay
Corrected text when a revolution spawns barbarians
Constructor Ships can't build jumplane anymore
Tunnel can be built with steel OR durasteel
Rebalancing research for Modern/Transhuman eras
Increased willingness to build National Wonders for AI
Oil Refinery, Steel Mill and Potter are now National Wonders producing 3 resources each (max 3 NW per civ)
No NW producing resources counts toward NW limit in a city anymore
Fixed Totestra mapscript, now it correctly places resources on peaks too if mountains are usable
1022 1549d 01h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Fixed text from "No Future Era" to "No Transhuman Era"
Workers are not tradeable anymore
Reduced enslavement rate from 10% to 3%
Rearranged techs costs from Industrial onwards to make them always increasing
1015 1574d 20h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1015
Heavy revisions to Industrial Era tech tree.
Deleted techs: Thermodynamics, Machine Tools, Public Health, Agricultural Engineering, Refining, Labor Union, Repeating Weapons, Public Schooling, Mass Transit, Submarine Warfare, Modern Art, Armored Vehicles, Guerrilla Warfare, Naval Aviation, Advanced Rocketry (Rocketry moved to Modern Era)
Renamed techs: Marxism to Socialism, Amphibious Warfare to Combined Arms
Great Spy moved to Cyberwarfare; Great Merchant moved from Conglomerates to Applied Economics

Deleted units: Early Destroyer, Heavy Cruiser, Landing Ship Tank
Deleted Wonders: Modern Art Theatre, Rubber Plant
Buildings moved: Bauhaus School (Industrialism), Cannery (Steam Power), Cereal Mills (Organic Chemistry), Cement Mill (Assembly Line), Cristo Redentor (Propaganda), Drydock (Screw Propeller), Grain Silo (Biology), Gun Turret (Automatic Weapons), Ironworks (Steel), Labor Union (Socialism), Moonbeam Coffee (Counterculture), National Redoubt (Fascism), Oil Refinery (Combustion), Peace Movement (Socialism), Public Transportation (Automobile), Rubber Factory (Combustion; added Chemicals option), School (Psychology), Standard Ethanol (Plastics), Water Treatment Plant (Organic Chemistry), Welfare Office (Socialism)
Building change: Fertilizer Plant no longer requires Chemicals
Civics moved: Atheist (Psychology), Socialized (Socialism), Subsidized (Medicine)
Improvements moved: Well (Explosives), Highway (Mass Transit)
Improvement bonuses moved: Farm/Orchard/Plantation/Winery (Organic Chemistry), Camp (Automatic Weapons), Lumbermill (Logistics)
Units moved: Armored Car (Automobile), Carrier (Combined Arms), Destroyer (Automobile + Radio; has stats of Early Destroyer), Gatling Gun (Artillery), Howitzer (Combined Arms), Missile (Aviation), Paratrooper (Combined Arms), Submarine (Radio), Transport (Combined Arms; has stats of Landing Ship Tank)
Promotions moved: Trench I (Automatic Weapons), Sonar (Radar), Ambush I (Mechanized Warfare)

iTechCost in Civ4EraInfos.xml raised from 30 to 45 for Industrial Era; should make Industrial techs harder to research

Revolution changes:
Village Hall line and upgrades give +3 stability
Raised garrison cap to 15 (was 10)/20 (was 15)

Cathedrals now require appropriate Temple in city to build (was just counting Temples across civilization)
Fixed Provincial Hall art definition (was using Town Hall)
995 1802d 03h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Boost Projects in later eras (modern/transhuman) when Mastery or Space Victory are active (especially spaceship and anti-ballistic projects)
Increased AIWeight for some military techs
Slowed down a bit Industrial/Modern eras
Temporarily removed Diplomatic Mission buildings as it might cause OOS problems in MP
972 1955d 08h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ [*]Average score calculation for Flexible Difficulty doesn't count small civs in later eras anymore if Revolution is ON (civs with 1 city after Medieval era) because it was throwing handicap calculation off balance
CTD fixed when using xUPT limit
Partially reverted rev953 changes by Afforess because they were causing AI not to attack at all when at war
Tweaked some revolution values, AI has predefined values now but you can manually select an offset for human players making revolutions for humans easier or harder
Scaled for gamespeed revolution Index and number of turns of disorder
Resized some units (carriers, fast battleship and nanite cloud)
Reduced a bit Ancient Era techs cost
969 1966d 04h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Reduced overcrowding unhappiness for small cities (pop < 4)
Reduced a bit distance unhappiness for AI
Attempt to fix AI expansion problems on other continents/islands by partially restoring old code before dbkblk's changes in CityAI Production function
Added some randomness in AI willingness to talk and sign peace when running Interventionism
Reworked a bit AI Flexible Difficulty, removing use of iAIResearchPercent, which is now used only as an offset parameter between human and AI players
Reworked a bit Realistic Timescale function
Some balancing work (to be completed in future revisions) for research and buildings/units production
Increased willingness for AI to produce First Nuclear Test and Warhead Factory
Tweaked iRevReligiousFreedom
945 2008d 21h afforess /Trunk/ Restore food yields properly after a Dark Age
Add unhappiness from the number of cities
Revert Era Info Regarding Tech Costs
943 2009d 13h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Increased number of turns between revolutions
Increased strenght of rebels
Increased modifier for religious revolutions
Decreased a bit Garrison modifier
Tuned down a bit revolution for AI
Balanced research in some eras (changes needed probably because AI is now producing more military units)
878 2053d 16h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed bug that prevent cities to be founded on peaks
More balancing work, reduced a bit default number of starting civs
Increased animal & barbarians spawning
877 2056d 00h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Partially reverting changes from rev865 about defenders and escorting settlers as they were hindering AI early expansion
Increased default number of starting civs for each mapsize and small balancing changes
Improved AI nukes logic
Units on the same tile are now grouped when there are more than 7 units instead of 15, preventing large groups going off-screen and not displaying some units (not tested).
871 2069d 03h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Small balancing work, removing old useless backup files and trying to correct some code slowing down civs development starting from Medieval Era.  
827 2189d 10h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Tweaked some eras a bit, more weight to Alphabet since AI was ignoring it
AI handicap level shown on civs list near minimap (useful when using Flexible AI difficulty)
809 2210d 04h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ New subs graphic (missile and stealth subs)
Advanced nukes option turned off and hidden (affecting MRBM, Fusion Nova, Tactical Fusi, YAM)
IRBM renamed nuclear Missile now it's part of default nukes, same for Hydrogen Bomb and Peacemaker
Missile Submarine upgrades to Fusion Submarine (instead of stealth submarine)
Stealth sub cannot carry nukes; nukes are only carried by Missile Submarine & Fusion Submarine
Stealth Destroyer and Fusion Destroyer can carry missiles
Missile Cruiser, Littoral Combat Ship, Fusion Cruiser can carry missiles + 1 tactical nuke
Corrected some spelling errors
Balanced Medieval, Renaissance and Modern Era iresearch
Fixed noble knights event obsolete tech
Manhattan Project now gives +5% science (was +10%)
769 2247d 21h afforess /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/  
768 2248d 21h afforess /Trunk/ Improve AI understanding of civic maintenance costs
Improve AI understanding of civic yield & commerce modifiers
Tweak tech speed balance
767 2250d 23h afforess /Trunk/ Fix wonder limits
New government civics
Tweak tech diffusion rates
725 2313d 03h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Some small adjustment to <iTechCostModifier> necessary for balancing reasons due to latest changes in the dll
Corrected diplomatic victory vote is now unavailable when mastery victory is on
Require complete kills doesn't count great spies anymore (+some other great people and spy units)
Tweaked magistrates & Great Diplomat points distribution
Envoy now available at Paper instead of Optics
Some more polish translation
706 2329d 03h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ - Some code cleanup and CTD fixes, mostly imported from C2C rev between 7247 and 7374
- Lowered tech costs for Medieval and Renaissance (necessary with new tech diffusion code for balancing reasons)
667 2460d 07h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ * Increased espionage cost for civics/religion switch and to spread anarchy, reduced espionage cost to steal techs
* Cog and galleass minareasize = 20 so that you can't build them on small lakes
* Dualism/monotheism split on tech tree, now they're correctly displayed
* New Minimum City Border option; you can now choose if you want those 8 tiles around the city always owned by that city
* Fixed CustomizableDomesticAdvisor (thank you Sgtslick!)
* Fixed pedia for factory improvement (thank you nionios!)
* Enhanced tech diffusion
* Modern/Transhuman era balancing
* Snow Castle has economy advisor not military
* Fixed prerequisites for Ecological Engineering (as per Vokarya's advice)
* Anti missile battery now correctly goes obsolete with Arcology Shielding, not Arcology (thank you Rezca!)
* Corrected some blockade code (more will follow)
* Bombers from modern era onwards can now do 100% damage (was limited to 50% until now)

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