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1091 141d 22h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed Flexible Difficulty/Flexible AI. Difficulty wasn't being changed properly and added some hint in the hover text for suggested frequency used for different gamespeeds. Also min and max AI difficulty can now be set via XML in A_New_Dawn_GlobalDefines.XML tags DEFAULT_FLEXIBLE_DIFFICULTY_AI_MIN_DIFFICULTY and DEFAULT_FLEXIBLE_DIFFICULTY_AI_MAX_DIFFICULTY  
1058 1254d 14h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Increased cost and reduced culture amount for Spread Culture espionage mission
New GameOption: Movement Limits, works with/without Terrain Damage, relative text files and RAND Concept entry
Fixed logic for Mountaineering tech value
Improved OOS logging for MP/Pitboss
Pitboss OOS/CTD fix (attempt)
1020 1591d 14h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1020
Tech Tree changes
Deleted techs: Nanoelectronics, Smart Dust, Homo Superior
Renamed techs: Nanobotics to Nanomachines, Smart Drugs to Nanomedicine

Content moves for deleted techs
Regenerator to Nanomedicine
Nanite Lab to Nanomachines
Utility Fog to Nanomining
Nanite Defuser to Nanomachines
Nanite Spy moved to Nanomachines
ACV moved to Advanced Computers
ACV SAM moved to Advanced Computers
Super Soldier moved to Artificial Evolution
Nanoids promo moved to Nanomedicine
Power Source Upgrade MK 1 promo moved to Nanobotics
Sensors I promo moved to Cybernetics
SS Life Support moved to Organic Cities
SS Docking Bay moved to Space Colonies
Universal Translator moved to Quantum Computing
Great Prophet moved to Mind Uploading

Other building changes
Museum is +2 culture instead of +1/+10%
No GPP from Grove, Castle Garden, City Park, Paradise Garden, Art Gallery, Salon, Advanced Quality Control, Omnifactory
Art Gallery, Salon gives +10% culture instead of +4; requires Sculptor's Workshop, Artists Guild, Painter's Studio or Photographer's Studio; no Artist slot
Theatre only gives 1 happy/20% culture slider
Opera House increased to +5 culture and replaces Theatre
Movie Theatre adds +1 happiness, culture reduced to +4, removed free Celebrity
Red Curtains Theatre adds +1 happiness, removed free Celebrity
Holotheatre adds +1 happiness, culture reduced to +8, removed free Celebrity

Other changes
Fix off-by-one error in slave unit designator
Recalibrate movement rates for Railroad, Electric Railroad, Highway, Maglev; delete all movement bonuses from techs (upgrading handles this now)
996 1813d 16h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Slowed down a bit research when using Revolution
Voting popup for UN/AP now shows civ name next to leader name
992 1855d 00h dbkblk /Trunk/ - The barbarian invasions update -

At the begining, you might think it is over. You won't survive. But. Where there is life, there is hope. Some civilizations have collapsed before, and you can survive. Just remember: they were here before you existed.

- Major overhaul of the raging barbarian (RB) option, standard option is mostly untouched.
- RB: Huge production boost (XML setting).
- RB: Increased spawn in the fog (XML setting).
- Attack bonus against barbarians have been rebalanced. From 40% to 5% bonus for the three harder difficulty levels. AI bonus have been slightly decreased.
- RB: Balanced city defense to be more offensive.
- RB: Greatly improved behavior. Barbarians will float into wild regions. If enough of them are in the region, they will try to gather to form a small army. Then, they can walk to overtake the nearest city OR gather even more to make a large barbarian invasion.
- RB: Increased probability for barbs to build a unit instead of a building.
- RB: Fix the flexible difficulty compatibility. RB isn't dependent of difficulty anymore (when disabled, it still works as before), only the bonus against them is variable.
- Enable city flip when a barbarian city revolts with no unit to protect it.
- Fix: Barbarians will also use city defense units to attack. Of course, they will leave a minimal defensive stack at home :)
- Fix: gSavedSigns was used before to be initialized.
983 1938d 14h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Introducing Enslavement for Slavery Civic: 10% chance to enslave a unit when winning a battle (slave is a worker)
Removed Inflation text from Financial Advisor (inflation has been removed ages ago)
AI is now building correctly First Nuclear Test, needed for nukes
Removed No Foreign Connectedness for most civics, mostly replaced with bonus/penalty for Domestic/Foreign Connectedness
Changed domestic/foreign income for some buildings (Port, Seaport, International Port, Toll House, Custom House, Feitoria, Paved Roads, Hotel, Vacation Resort, Artemis Temple, Adam Smith Trading Company, Global Stock Exchange, Free Port, East India Company, Pleistocene Park
Temporarily switched off some python files for pitboss games, I forgot in a previous commit
981 1948d 01h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Reduced religion spread rate for newly founded religions in early eras (before Medieval Era)
Temporarily turned off some files of the Pitboss Mod merged in previous revisions as they're causing Pitboss to crash
Merged some more lines of code of the Pitboss mod in the dll
Changed UPT limit ratio for city to 1
973 1980d 16h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Tweaked tech costs when using Revolution (research is usually slower because of revolutions, this change will not influence games where Rev is OFF)
Some more Revolution balancing
Reduced religion spread for new religions
Increased default size of barbarian cities required to become civs (less civs but stronger)
RevIndex calculation is now split between humans and AI (for modifier and offset values)
930 2045d 10h afforess /Trunk/ Add Athletic's tech icon (was mistakenly deleted)
Enable experimental city AI improvements by default
Fix mis-ordered UNITAI_HUNTER in Enums
Minimize AI turns improved
919 2056d 05h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Fix: Event signs now display a short description only on latin1 languages (en, fr, de, it, es, fi, pt, pt_BR).
- Fix: The former owner of a captured city is now displayed only on latin1 languages.
- Fix: Polish characters "ł", "ń" and "ę" are now displayed in-game.
- Fix: Russian letter "Я" was broken in the main menu.
- Updated Brazilian, Czech, Greek, Italian, Russian and Spanish translations.
904 2064d 07h afforess /Trunk/ Track number of dark ages that occur and decrease odds for multiple occurances
Decrease dark age chances for Volcano and Meteor strike event
Tweak religion spread, newly founded religions initially get a boost to spreading
Tweak religion decay, very old religions decay slightly faster
Fix python bug in Via Appia with undefined variable
Tweak AI city production, favor buildings for developing cities
Give AI ability to build caravan units...needs more improvement, but should at least allow them to consider building them (never would before)
895 2073d 07h afforess /Trunk/ early implementation of Contact Decay feature  
889 2075d 07h afforess /Trunk/ Fix bug where you could sell cease contact for vassals/master civs.
AI Tweak: Increase AI long-war counter from 40 turns to 60 turnsAdd meteor strike random event. Alters when the AI thinks a war has dragged on too long and pursues peace.
Removed +1 health from corn, wheat, potatoes, rice from Granary
Added +1 health to Granary
Added new meteor strike random event
Add ability for volcano and meteor strike random event to possibly trigger global 'dark ages'
Fix bug in loading Culture Level XML, where modules could not overwrite values correctly
888 2076d 22h dbkblk /Trunk/ -Introducing xUnits-Per-Tiles (xUPT)... reloaded!-
The implementation takes the good ideas from Civilization V and mixes them with Civilization IV core game mechanisms to get an hybrid system. More details on the forum thread:

- Added xUPT from 1 to 100 units per tiles. Change the limit in the in-game BUG options (tab "A New Dawn").
- Moved icons to the art folder
- Moved old documentation to Docs/
- Fixed a random crash due to a division by 0
- Launcher updated to 1.10:
---> Improve the texture changing and clear game options on update functions
887 2077d 00h dbkblk /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ - Fix the infinite "update available" (missing version number in game files)
- Add new "High to low assignment" variable to global defines
851 2152d 14h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Added an option to temporarily turn off Afforess Resync Code while there are still issues (default OFF)
Removed Nuclear Ships from Piracy Promotion, also added Submarines to Piracy Promotion
Changed Piracy prereq to Navigation 2+Coastal Attack and moved it back to Seafaring
842 2191d 17h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Removed code imported from C2C supposed to prevent loops because it was in fact preventing early settler expansion
Tech cost balancing: removed flex_ai_ratio now tech costs get higher if you're far ahead in techs in comparison to where you should be and techs costs get lower if you're far behind (i.e. compared to "real world" timeline); maybe it will need balancing for handicap levels
833 2211d 15h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Flexible AI difficulty fix  
761 2288d 11h afforess /Trunk/ Update city screen to show connected domestic vassal cities in addition to player connected cities
Disable inflation (setting in global defines)
Obsolete graveyard earlier, at Philosophy
Update tailor shop & textile mill resource yield modifiers to yield changes instead
Remove foreign trade route modifier from Patrician
Increased the MaxNumCitiesMaintenance in handicap infos
New Number of Cities Maintenance formula, scales with an exponential function, based on world size target number of cities
Reset world size maintenance modifiers to BTS standard values (many were 1/3 the BTS value, for no explainable reason)
Increase base upkeep costs for civics slightly
Removed +1 health from Artesian Well, Cannery
Removed +2 health from Food Processing Plant
Removed +25% Food, +10% Commerce from Food Processing Plant
Food Processing Plant requires power
Shopping District gives +50% gold (up from 33%)
719 2346d 14h afforess /Trunk/ Add culture decay  

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