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1083 153d 15h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed an infinte loop caused by recalc  
1082 404d 21h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed health/unhealthiness caused by improvements
Animals spawn up to classical era
Reverted to previous version of the updater/launcher until the new one can be fixed
1081 424d 08h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1081

Revolution changes:
Increased revolution index drop for putting down revolutions
Changed garrison formula to allow for less than 100% revolt protection
Moved 15% nationality modifier from Monarchy to Despotism
Secular/Personality Cult/Atheist have no base revIndex changes
Religion modifiers halved at Humanism and divided by 3 at Liberalism (was divided by 3 at Sci Method)

Terrain changes:
Neutralized Slimy Coast and Slimy Ocean; terrain values are same as Coast/Ocean, will not be spawned by nukes, deleted Sanitize Water ability

Quest and event changes:
Horse Whisperer requires Horseback Riding to trigger, halved Stables requirement, added 2-4 Horse sources requirement (depending on map size)
Classic Literature halved Libraries requirement, added Theatres requirement (equal to Libraries)
Master Blacksmith halved Forges requirement, added 3-10 metal sources requirement (depending on map size)
Sports League halved Arenas requirement, added Statue of Champion
Best Defense halved Castles requirement, added Forts in cultural borders requirement (equal to Castles)
Harbormaster requires at least one Seaport, switched Caravels requirement (equals default number of players) and Seaport requirement (half default number of players)
Alternative Energy requires at least one Coal Plant or Oil Plant to trigger, expires at beginning of Transhuman Era, and can give +10 gold to Solar Plants
Elite Swords can trigger on Heavy Swordmsan
Napalm applies promotion to all Bomber-combat class units

Fixed civics screen with Revolutions off
Fixed iConscription value for Spearmen UUs

Building changes
Beadmaker, Jewellery upgrade to Omnifactory
Granary, Grain Silo update to Farmscraper
Farmscraper loses +6 food from Fertilizers; adds +50% food kept, +4 health, +30% food from Fertilizers
Brothel obsolete with Androids
City Park cost increased to 200 and added +50% production with Fertilizers
School changed to +8 science and +1 happy/35% science
Stadium reduced to +4 happiness
Research Laboratory deleted space production
Food Processing Plant requires Grain Silo or Farmscraper
Network Node resource requirement changed to Microchips
Zero G Sports Arena reduced to +6 happiness
Arcology Shield deleted happiness
Starport added +25% space production
Transporter deleted space production bonus; commerce increased to +1/2 connected cities
All civic buildings require active civics
Plague Hospital upgrades to Hospital
Expressway upgrades to Transporter
Brewery, Glass Blower resource requirement changed to resource required in city vicinity
Radio Telescope dropped University requirement
Nano Research Department requires Research Laboratory
Greek Fire applies promotion to units that end turn in city

Tech quotes updated for Weaving, Canals, Mechanics, Divine Right, Flintlock, Naval Tactics, Grand War, Aerodynamics, Nuclear Power, Laser, Modern Warfare, Space Flight, Networking, Skyroads

Air promotions heavily simplified
Fighters and Bombers can get standard Combat promotions
Deleted Air-to-Air, Chaff, Extra Fuel Tank, Improved Radar, Low Altitude Maneuvers, Precision Bombing, Veteran Pilot
Torpedoes I simplified to +20% vs. Water units
Kamikaze simplified to +100% strength and no prerequisites
Ace Pilot simplified to Ace and only gives +50% XP
Top Gun Pilot simplified to Top Gun and only gives +50% XP
Napalm Bombs simplifed to Napalm; gives +10% bombard and only available through Events
Added promotions: Dogfight I-II-III (+20%/+25%/+30% vs. Fighters), Superiority I-II-III (+20%/+25%/+30% vs. Bombers), Strafe I-II-III (+20%/+25%/+30% vs. Land units), Torpedoes II-III (+25%/+30% vs. Water units), Evade I-II (+10%/+15% evasion)
Intercept promos give no combat bonus
1080 463d 15h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations.
- Launcher is now more customizable for modding (see launcher repository for details).
1079 537d 22h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1079
* Update CvTechChooser to handle "adjust research slider" unlock
* Update iConscription numbers; Archers and Longbowmen can be conscripted
* Hotkeys changes
1078 570d 12h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed limit for supposedly single units (not scaled by mapsize)
New tag OverrideResourceBuilding, applied as an example to Fast Battleship; it allows units to be built where Omnifactory is present even if not all resources are available (for example if you remove Steel/Durasteel from Omnifactory production).
Fixed revision number
1076 585d 12h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1076:
Quick building fixes
Deleted Currency requirement from Grocer (unnecessary)
Moved Tidal Power Plant to Ecological Engineering (supposed to be here, early in Transhuman Era)
1075 586d 10h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1075
Tech Tree
New techs: Community (Ancient Era), Rhetoric (Classical Era)
Renames: Mysticism -> Tradition, Woodworking -> Crafting
Deleted Caste System tech
Code of Laws tech moved to Ancient Era: now centerpiece of Ancient Era (Code of Laws' content moved to Rhetoric)
Many Ancient and Classical techs given new requirements
Weaving requires Agriculture or Animal Husbandry
The Wheel requires Animal Husbandry
Feudalism requires Stirrup
Mercantilism requires Political Philosophy
Great Engineer moved from Seismology to Robotics
Fusion requires Superstrong Alloys
Androids requires Automated Vehicles
Shielding requires Fusion

All bonuses have a tech reveal (Fishing for Clams, Crab, Fish, Shrimp; Sailing for Pearls; Seafaring for Whale; Hunting for Fur, Ivory; Masonry for Salt; Fermentation for Coffee, Tea, Wine; Weaving for Cotton, Dye; Tradition for Incense; Herbalism for Sugar)
Build Path available at Stone Tools; build Road available at The Wheel
Jungle Camp +1 food from Herbalism made inherent
Glass obsoletes with Manufacturing; Paper obsoletes with Networking
Many buildings/units/Maglev given Durasteel option

Code of Laws is primary tech for early civics: Despotism, Caste, Conscription
Warrior Caste moved to Warfare
Nationalism deleted maintenance modifiers

New buildings: Press Gang (new civic building for Conscription, Draft Office is civic building for Mobilization); Tidal Power Plant (clean power for any oceanic city, requires Environmental Economics); Geothermal Power Plant (clean power with no citizen requirement, requires Wireless Electricity and Geothermal Energy in vicinity)
Harbor line deleted commerce from resources
Slave Market changed to flat +3 gold instead of hammers and gold bonus
Apiary reduced to +1 commerce
Villa deleted employed citizen
Arsenal moved to Explosives; added Iron option
Crystal Palace provides 1 free global Specialist; no culture from Specialists; expires with Manufacturing

Deleted tech requirements for Martial Arts, Transport I
Deleted many secondary tech requirements from units (tried to consolidate most units at just one tech requirement)
Slinger moved to Hunting and increased city defense to +50%
Javelineer moved to Crafting and added +50% vs mounted
Keshik is now a Rider replacement
Elephant Rider has no city attack bonus
War Elephant changed to base 9 Str, +3 with Siegecraft
Grenadier moved to Grand War
Light Cavalry moved to Military Science
Motorized Infantry requires Vulcanized Rubber
Carrier, Supercarrier, Fusion Carrier can only defend; removed coast attack and defense penalties
Helicopter, Gunship, Seaplane, Fighter, Early Bomber, Bomber require Aluminum or Steel
Stealth Bomber cannot Fighter Engage
Hybrid Gunship requires Aluminum or Durasteel
Bolter Infantry added +25% city defense; removed see invisible, Blitz promotion, bonus vs. gunpowder and tracked
Genetic Soldier starts with Heal and Mobility
Super Soldier requires Incubation Center; starts with Amphibious, March, Heal, Mobility
EMP Infantry removed Blitz promotion
Cyborg removed air range, ignore terrain movement costs, withdraw; requires Augmentation Center
Power Armored Infantry, Scout Mech, Assault Mech require Microchips
Aurora Scramjet, Orbital Bomber, Orbital Fighter are not invisible
Hacker can Steal Plans and Investigate City

Fixed art button problems for Hab Complex, Myth of the Sky; fixed problems with Formations module; fixed unit naming; edited revolution trigger for new religion civic and dynamic naming for Soviet Union
World size default playerse adjusted: Standard 10 -> 9; Large 15 -> 13; Giant 20 -> 21
1074 589d 16h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Workaround for 1-size city bug
Experimental 100-civs dll (not active)
1073 602d 17h horseshoehermit /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/Python/Contrib/ manually set revision number for updater  
1069 632d 11h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1069: Small update to see if I can commit changes. Some civics tweaks.
Slavery: Upkeep changed to Medium, increases RevIndex to change to
Caste: No unhappiness, no production bonus, provides unlimited Artist/Merchant/Priest/Scientist, +1 food from Artist/Merchant/Engineer/Priest/Scientist/Noble/Magistrate/Spy
Proletariat: No extra health, happiness changed to -25% unhappiness from population
Bourgeois: No extra unhealth or unhappiness, no hammer bonus
Liberal: No extra happiness, no yield penalties, increase culture to +25%
Prophets: Change Religious Freedom to 0
Intolerant: Change Religious Freedom to -10
Secular: Change Religious Freedom to 10
Atheist: Change Religious Freedom to 0
Subsidized: Delete Science bonus
Socialized: Delete Science bonus
Paradise: Delete Science bonus
Banditry: Add -100% Great General emergence, remove distant unit support cost increase
Conscription: Delete military production bonus, unhappiness from population
Fealty: Moved to Heraldry tech
Volunteer Army: Moved to Military Science tech
Imperium: Moved to Politics tech
1068 800d 21h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev1068
* Fix civics icons
* Add some missing updated Python screens
* Naval unit changes: Galleass strength increased to 10, Man'O'War bombard decreased to 12%, Ship of the Line bombard increased to 15% and speed reduced to 4
1067 802d 06h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1067

* Tax and science sliders are fixed at 50% until discovery of Writing; no gold is accumulated
* Espionage slider unlocked at Politics

Tech Tree:
* Deleted techs: Aristocracy, Cavalry Tactics
* Fixed icons for Build Culture and Build Espionage
* New icons for Grand War, Cyberwarfare
* Caste System required for Monarchy
* Great General moved to Stirrup
* Iron Working required for Vassalage
* Flintlock requires Chemistry + Leadership
* Military Tradition requires Flintlock + Nationalism

* New building: Greenhouse
* New civic buildings: Admiralty [Naval Supremacy], Cabinet [President], Community Center [Atheist], Corporate Enclave [Corporations], Fighting Pit [Warlords], Funeral Pyre [Warrior Caste], Hoard [Raiders/Tribute], Holy Order [Theocracy], Mercenary Camp [Mercenaries], Propaganda Office [Personality Cult], Stock Exchange [Corporate/Free Market], Throne Room [Autocracy], Trading Company [Mercantile]
* Deleted buildings: Chamber of Commerce, Free Port, Presidential Monument, Royal Monument
* Airport requires Power
* Apiary upgrades to Greenhouse; Greenhouse upgrades to Hydroponic Farm
* Bunker fixed sign error in bombard defense
* Civil Servants School renamed Prefecture, provides 1 free Magistrate instead of maintenance bonus
* Data Center requires Digital civic
* Farmscraper base yield increased to +10 food
* Foundry removed flat production, removed employed citizen, increased production bonus to +30%
* Graveyard upgrades to Funeral Pyre
* Hydroponic Farm yield increased to +9 food
* International Port requires Oil or Oil Products
* Laboratory moved to Scientific Method
* Manor requires Fealty or Nobility civic
* Museum moved to Archeology
* Parade Grounds XP reduced to +1, can be built with Junta or Standing Army
* Recruitment Office no longer works with Mercenaries
* Villa moved to Monarchy, requires Monarchy or Bourgeois civic, reduced to +2 commerce and +3 commerce with capital connection, 2 Noble slots
* Assembly Plant health increased to -4, yield increased to +50%
* Feitoria requires Seaport or International Port
* Hippodrome deleted free XP
* Ikhanda is not replaced by Garrison/Military Base
* Madrassa science reduced to +15%
* Mint cost reduced to 60
* Odeon deleted happiness from Hit Singles
* Shale Plant cost increased to 195, added -2 health
* Stock Exchange renamed Royal Exchange
* Ziggurat now a Ceremonial Altar replacement
* Aluminum Factory requires Power
* House of Parliament requires Parliament civic
* Ironworks provides base +25% production, not +25 hammers
* National Mint only buildable with Coinage civic

* New civics: Warlords [Rule], Theocracy [Rule], Parliament [Rule], Autocracy [Rule], Junta [Rule], Corporations [Rule], Tribute [Economy], Digital [Economy], Raiders [Military], Naval Supremacy [Military]
* Despotism increased unhappiness from population reduced to +34%, incompatible with Parliament
* Monarchy removed attitude change with other Monarchy leaders, incompatible with President
* Republic removed military production bonus, science bonus, culture bonus, capital gold bonus; added +25% commerce all cities
* Democracy removed capital commerce bonuses; added 1 free Specialist all cities; incompatible with Autocracy
* Federation incompatible with Autocracy
* Senate deleted happiness bonus, production penalty; increased capital commerce to +20%
* Nobility moved to Feudalism
* President removed production bonuses; added no capital unhappiness, +2 culture per specialist, and +1 relations with all civilizations
* Technocracy removed yield bonuses and culture penalty; added +2 hammers from Engineer and +2 beakers from Scientist
* Virtual incompatible with Despotism, Monarchy
* Slavery moved to Society category; new effects +1 food from Farm, +1 hammer from Mine and Shaft Mine, +3 commerce from Plantation
* Feudal gives +50% worker speed and improvement growth, -10% commerce, +25% food for cities to grow; removed unhappiness, building bonus
* Coinage removed minting mechanic, added +50% production of Market and Bank
* Mercantile removed maintenance penalty and domestic commerce bonus, added 1 free Specialist, -50% foreign commerce
* Free Market removed corporation maintenance bonus, production penalty, commerce bonus; added +50% commerce from connections
* Prophets added +50% religion spread, reduced Missionary production to +50%
* Divine Cult, State Church removed direct revolution changes
* Intolerant removed free XP
* Free Church renamed Reformation. removed culture bonus from Priest
* Secular removed culture bonus
* Personality Cult changed to flat +5 happiness (instead of happiness from buildings)
* Warrior Caste removed happiness from Graveyard
* Mercenaries removed Great General bonus
* Feudal renamed Fealty; Great General reduced to +25%, no free XP, no production modifier, no unhappiness, added +25% city defense
* Standing Army removed Great General bonus, city maintenance increase, largest city unhappiness; changed distant unit supply to +25%
* Volunteer Army removed Great General bonus, reduced war Weariness reduction to -25%
* MAD removed Great General bonus, largest city unhappiness, culture penalty

* Many early events have minimum treasury values required to fire
* Fix double-counting of Hydro Plants in Alternative Energy event
* Fix error in Farm Bandits recurrence
* Alternative Energy boosts Manufacturing Plant and Nanofactory yield
* Billions and Billions provides +4 science from TV Station or Cinemas

* Industry, Industrial Complex made valid by Fresh Water
* Orchard can be built on any Forest and provides +1 food/-1 production; resources give +1 production; no bonus at Crop Rotation, +1 production at Invention, +1 commerce at Genetics

* Slaves changed to -1 food/+3 production/no unhappy/no unhealthy

* New unit combat type: Executive (covers all Guildmasters and Corporate Executives)
* Patrol promotions changed: Patrol I requires no tech and gives 25% revolt protection; Patrol II requires Heraldry tech and gives 25% revolt protection; Patrol III requires Fascism and gives 50% revolt protection; opened to Mounted, Armored, and Helicopter units
* Workers can build Industrial Complexes
* Archer cost increased to 40
* Spearman/Pikeman/Heavy Pikeman get +100% vs. Mounted units
* Crossbowman requires Iron
* Arquebusier strength reduced to 13
* Heavy Horseman removed Obsidian option
* Rider added Copper option
* Dragoon strength reduced to 15; moved to Matchlock tech
* Cuirassier moved to Flintlock; strength increased to 22
* Mobile SAM strength lowered to 65, no penalty in Forests or Jungles
* ACV SAM strength lowered to 85; removed penalties vs. most units, increased strength vs. Helicopters to +125%
* Fusion Sub gained carry 1 "People" unit
* Inquisitors available at Theology and require Theocracy or Intolerant
* Chariot UU's deleted Warfare requirement
* Landsknecht now a Heavy Pikeman replacement
* Conquistador now a Dragoon replacement with Ignores Terrain Movement Cost and no penalty vs. cities

* Fix Palace prerequisites not showing in buildings screen
* Widen panel for Unique Buildings in civilization screen
* New section: Routes (works from main screen, not in-game)
1066 973d 09h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1066
Some minor fixes.
* Increase height of top panel in F3 Screen (show third row without cutting off)
* Remove Wooden Ships/Steam Ships access to Sentry II/III promotion
* Fix Tannery upgrade path
* Extraction Facility requires Superstrong Alloys (cannot upgrade early)
1065 992d 20h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed TechYieldModifiers and TechYieldChanges code  
1064 999d 13h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Added bNoPower tag for Power Plants and Candlemaker (prevents buildings from being built when there's a free clean power source like Fusion Plant, Three Gorges Dam or Unlimited Power event)
Tweaked revolution scale for empire size
1063 1001d 10h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1063
New upgrade chain Bazaar -> Market
Market increased to +25% gold, gets +1 health from Incense and +1 health from Charity civic
Caravanserai/Railway Station/Transporter added 1 Merchant slot
Supermarket increased to 2 Merchant slots
Shopping District decreased to 2 Merchant slots
Convention Center loses Merchant slot
Silk Road requires Bazaar or Market

New upgrade chain Forge -> Foundry -> Factory -> Manufacturing Plant
Iron Forge, Mint do not upgrade; get -15% production and -1 Engineer slot at Chemistry
Manor requires Granary or Grain Silo (was Granary and Forge)
Guild Hall has no building prerequisite
Townclock requires Forge or Foundry
Cannon Forge/Arsenal/Mech Assembly Plant, Skyscraper/Arcology/Arcology Shield added 1 Engineer slot
Foundry increased to -2 health
Factory increased to -4 health, base production increased to +50%
Manufacturing Plant added +50% production, bonus production with power increased to +75%
Nanofactory added +50% production, bonus production with power increased to +135%
Industrial Park requires Factory or Manufacturing Plant or Nanofactory or Omnifactory
Arsenal requires Factory or Manufacturing Plant
Willow Run requires Factory or Manufacturing Plant

New upgrade chain Candlemaker -> Coal Plant -> Oil Plant -> Nuclear Plant -> Hydro Plant -> Solar Plant -> Power Receiver -> Matter Decompiler
Power Plants no longer require Factory

Grocer removed flat +1 food and commerce from resources, added +10% food
Supermarket, MallWart Store removed flat +2 food and commerce from resources, added +10% food and +10% food with power
Hypermarket removed flat +2 food, added +10% food and +15% food with power

Cannon Forge can be built with Copper OR Iron OR Steel
Cotton Gin obsolete with Synthetic Fibers
Movie Theatre renamed Cinema
Deleted Steel Mill
Ironworks is limit 3, <NoLimit> tag on, moved to Steel tech, requires Coal and Iron, provides 3 Steel, production bonus reduced to +25% and +10% with power, Engineer slots reduced to 1, no building requirement
Eiffel Tower requires Steel resource instead of Steel Mill

New Event: Careless Journeyman (pay gold or lose Foundry)
Farm Plows triggers with Forge or Foundry
Personal Computers triggers with Manufacturing Plant
Fashion triggers with Textile Mill
Girls Best Friend triggers with Jewellery only and with Mine OR Shaft Mine OR Modern Mine
Chain Shot triggers with Cannon Forge
1062 1007d 14h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Reverted rev1059 attempt to fix bug with Realistic Corporation which prevents player from building a wonder if a corp HQ pops up in the city and you only have 1 wonder slot left, it was causing CTD
Some pitboss code
1061 1012d 12h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed a bug in Movement Limits  
1060 1012d 16h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed Movement Limits (was always ON when Terrain Damage is OFF)
Attempt to fix another Pitboss OOS

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