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1038 1461d 10h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed date when starting from advanced eras
Fixed CTD when using Flexible Difficulty starting from advanced eras
Fixed Realistic Timescale when starting from advanced eras
Early balancing work for advanced starts
1037 1464d 03h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed text for civics/buildings
Slowed down research for barbarians, especially when using Raging Barbarians or Barbarian World
New tag ForbiddenCivic, currently used only for Liberal/Intolerant to make civics incompatible
1036 1468d 05h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Possible fix for OOS in Pitboss caused by Flexible AI Difficulty
Possible fix for OOS in Pitboss "AI Target City Value"
Added iStateReligionHealth tag and removed Health from Monasteries when using Church
Removed Inflation text from very old revisions
Changed text for Improvement growth rate
Fixed text for Village Hall line buildings displaying "stability in every city" instead of stability in the city where it's built, same for Tax Office
1035 1478d 15h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Reverted changes for "Memory Decay" OOS issue
Removed culture display on water in minimap
1034 1482d 12h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Rebalanced Religion Decay / Religion Spread when Multiple Religion Spread is active
Fixed Enslavement chance not being reset to 0 when switching out of Slavery civic
Probably fixed "First Strike" OOS in Multiplayer, caused by Great Commanders First Strike
Improved logging for "AI Safety" random roll, OOS might be caused by Terrain Damage BUG option
Probably fixed "Memory Decay" OOS in Multiplayer
Probably fixed "AI Promote" OOS in Multiplayer
Probably fixed some diplomacy caused frequent OOS in Multiplayer (it's more a workaround, the actual function causing OOS AI_getContactTimer
1033 1491d 15h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Slight adjustment to tech speed for huge maps
Initialized a bunch of variables in the dll, might help prevent OOS problems
1032 1506d 12h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1032: Compiling proposed changes.
Naturopathy tech renamed Herbalism
Modern Seismology tech renamed Seismology
Added Agriculture as alternate OR prerequisite for Herbalism
Added Fermentation as alternate OR prerequisite for Calendar
Added Monarchy as alternate OR prerequisite for Currency
Rearranged Classical Era techs on F6 screen
Deleted maintenance bonus at Electricity

New building Exhibition: requires Acoustics and Liberal civic, +1 happy, +1 free specialist
Added 1 Spy slot to Brothel
Bioenhancement Center free Spy converted to Spy slot
Security Bureau, Security Center give Magistrate slots instead of Spy Slots
Surveillance Network, AI Surveillance give Spy slots instead of Magistrate
Deleted Spy slot from Courthouse
Deleted Magistrate slot from Customs House/Feitoria
Deleted 1 Magistrate slot from Police Station
Per capita health/happiness from buildings (except Welfare Office) flattened: Aqueduct +1, Baray +2, Sewer System +2, Water Treatment Plant +5, Waste Digester +10, Hospital +5, Regenerator +7, Public Transportation +2, Personal Rapid Train +2, Teleporter +5, Arena +2, Ball Court +4, Garden +2, Stadium +5, Zero-G Sports Arena +8
Parade Grounds requires Castle or Star Fort or Bunker
Reduced Machu Picchu bonus to +1 hammer per Peak
Copernicus' Observatory gives +15% global science instead of +50% to building city
Statue of Liberty can be built with Liberal or Republic or Democracy civics
World News Network gives no modifier to Anarchy, Golden Age, or Celebrity specialists; gives -20% to your War Weariness and +50% to enemy WW

Liberal civic added +1 unhappy per 35% tax rate

Fix Noble Knights quest to work properly; also extends Flanking I promotion to Rider and Noble Knight
Fix Hostile Takeover quest to not count manufactured resources

Redefined Alcohol, Cement, Hit Movies, Hit Musicals, Hit Singles as Manufactured resources (fix for Hostile Takeover quest)
1031 1514d 06h dbkblk /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Language update (missing strings from rev1029)  
1030 1514d 23h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1030: Replace some missing text strings.  
1029 1515d 06h dbkblk /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Automatic language update  
1028 1524d 06h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Added some randomness when a volountary vassal can leave its master
Increased Religion Decay
Corrected text when a revolution spawns barbarians
Constructor Ships can't build jumplane anymore
Tunnel can be built with steel OR durasteel
Rebalancing research for Modern/Transhuman eras
Increased willingness to build National Wonders for AI
Oil Refinery, Steel Mill and Potter are now National Wonders producing 3 resources each (max 3 NW per civ)
No NW producing resources counts toward NW limit in a city anymore
Fixed Totestra mapscript, now it correctly places resources on peaks too if mountains are usable
1027 1532d 03h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Added evasion chance for nukes based on launch position - target distance (the closer the distance, the higher the evasion chance)
Attempt to fix bug with terraforming improvements (partially reverted changes from rev 213)
Fixed PBEM (partially reverted rev930)
1026 1533d 07h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1026

Tech Tree
Added tech: Synthetic Fibers (Modern Era, requires Manufacturing, leads to Composites, Fiber Optics)
Deleted techs: Biological Warfare, Aquaculture
Fixed icon for Civil Service with unfounded Shinto
Increased cost for Invention (out of line with tree placement)
Rearranged several Renaissance and Modern techs on F6 screen
Added Mass Media to prerequisites for Counterculture

Military Base gives XP to Recon units (Wheeled category removed)
Military Airbase reduced to +2 XP for Air/Helicopter units
Aerospace Complex reduced to +4 XP for Air units
Control Center gives no XP to Air units
Automated Defenses gives no XP to units; deals 40% damage to enemy units and requires defenses lowered to 1% to enter; replaces all Turret buildings
Ultimate Soldiers Trainer increased to +4 XP for Air units and replaces Flight Simulator, Holographic Flight Simulator
Removed Artist slot from Jewellery, Civilized Jewellers Store, Movie Theatre
Removed 1 Artist slot from Holotheatre
Added 1 Artist slot to Theatre, Design Studio
Removed Engineer slots from Construction Firm, Steel Mill
Removed free Engineer from Design Studio
Added 1 Engineer slot to Advanced Quality Control
Free Engineers from Industrial Park, Citycreche converted to Engineer slots
Removed Merchant slots from Food Processing Plant
Removed 1 Merchant slot from Supermarket
Free Merchants from Hotel, Vacation Resort, Hypermarket converted to Merchant slots
Removed Scientist slots from Museum, Biological Warfare Lab, Mech Assembly Plant
Added 1 Scientist slot to School
Added +1 gold production to Movie Theatre, Holotheatre
Security Bureau moved to Computers
Biological Warfare Lab moved to Antibiotics
Fish Farm moved to Vertical Farming and restored +1 food from River tiles
Mech Assembly Plant replaces Arsenal and adds +30% military production

Deleted Silk Farm; Silk bonuses moved to Plantation/Dome Farm

Artstyles merged: Aztec, Mesoamerican merged into South American
Removed unit categories: Biological Warfare (merged into Missile), Doomsday (merged into Missile), Dreadnought (merged into Tracked), Early Bombers (merged into Bombers), Early Fighters (merged into Jet Fighters and renamed Fighters), Stealth (split among Fighters, Bombers), Wheeled (split among Gunpowder, Recon, Siege)
Anti-Biological Warfare promotion renamed HAZMAT; gives -20% collateral damage, +10% vs. Missiles
Bazooka lost immunity to First Strikes, no longer requires Rocketry
Modern Infantry, Modern Paratrooper moved to Synthetic Fibers
Bolter Infantry no longer ignores building defense
Scout Mech added +3 gold/turn upkeep
Nanite Swarm added 35% bombard; Nanite Cloud added 50% bombard
Biological Warfare Missile strength increased to 60

Refined culture level reduced to 2 World Wonders
Secret Army Base moved to Microprocessor
Silk Road moved to Aristocracy + Calendar; removed 100% gold and happiness from Silk; added +1 gold from Caravanserai; added +1 commerce/3 connected foreign cities, max +15; added new ability: Builds Roads to connect building city with all owned sources of Silk; builds Roads to connect building city to Capital; builds Roads to connect Capital to visible tile on same continent with largest non-Barbarian city
Great Wall obsolete with Artillery
Alhambra never goes obsolete
Adam Smith's Trading Company removed limit on foreign commerce
Bolshoi removed Culture bonus to Theatre and increased culture bonus to Opera House to +3
Apothecaries Guild moved to Alchemy
Blacksmiths Guild moved to Armor Crafting
Burgerworld moved to Globalization
Emperors Clothing moved to Synthetic Fibers; corporation gives +2 gold and +1 culture per resource
Wonka Confectionaries moved to Mass Media
Missile projects redesigned; first project is SDI, requires Manhattan Project to have been built, 15% nuke intercept, no bonus with Aluminum; second project is Anti-Ballistic Missiles, requires Artificial Intelligence, cost 1900, +15% maintenance costs, 15% nuke intercept; third project is Anti-Ballistic Lasers, requires Quantum Computing, cost 2400, +15% maintenance costs, 20% nuke intercept; fourth project is Integrated Defenses, requires Terra Computer, cost 3000, +20% maintenance costs, 30% nuke intercept
Eden Project updated: many improvements will not trigger Forest growth
1025 1539d 08h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Permanent alliance gameoption made visible again because it wasn't correctly being overridden by BUG option
Fixed units saved from drowning incorrectly being dropped on impassable tiles (for example mountains when mountains are not usable)
Improved alliance formation code
Text changes: 2 civs form an alliance, 3 civs a Pact, 4 civs a Union and more form a League
1024 1545d 02h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1024:
Implemented changes for reining in land unit XP, multiple late-game changes

Deleted techs: Unmanned Air Vehicles, Powered Exoskeleton, Military Robotics
Automated Traffic tech renamed Automated Vehicles
Brain-Machine Interface requires Genetic Engineering (deleted Antibiotics)
Advanced Computers no longer requires Cloning
Biomaterials requires Genetic Engineering
Railgun requires Particle Physics + (Automated Vehicles OR Metamaterials)
Skyroads requires Stealth
Vertical Farming requires Ecological Engineering
Megacorporations requires Advanced Computers (deleted Mesh Networks)
Weather Control requires Planetary Economics
Artificial Life requires Nanomedicine
Nanomedicine has new icon (old Homo Superior icon)

Irrigation Canals upgrades to Hydroponic Farm; Hydroponic Farm yield increased to +7 food, Farmscraper increased by +3
Casino added +15% commerce with Power
Skyscraper upgrades to Arcology
Radar Station requires Power
MallWart store reduced to +5% food per resource
Anti-Missile Batteries moved to Machine Learning
Automated Defenses moved to Artificial Intelligence
Mech Assembly Plant moved to Automated Vehicles
Control Center moved to Automated Vehicles; requires Power and Computer Network
Mind-Control Center requires Power and Computer Network
Matter Decompiler replaces Recycling Center, add +1 happiness

National Mint deleted unnecessary help text
Pencillin added Python to trigger event when No Events option is on; promotion changed to Medic I
World Trade Center gives +10% gold in building city and -20% global maintenance instead of +10% gold all cities and 3 Gold resources
Woodstock added Python to trigger event when No Events option is on; culture increased to +3000
Burning Man reduced to +4 culture/specialist and removed +10% culture all cities
National Shield no longer replaces Arcology Shield

Deleted BigMcDowells, Bullseye corporations (and corporate stores and executives)

Unmanned Warfare moved to Machine Learning

Deleted unit: Global Hawk
Reduced XP for units in general: no XP from Feudal, Standing Army, Ultimate Soldiers corporation, Info Net; reduced Mercenaries to +2 XP, Vassalage to +3 XP, Volunteer Army to +3 XP; Bioenhancement Center gives +2 XP for Hi-Tech units only
Reduced XP for Land units: no XP from Arena; reduced Barracks to +2 XP for Melee and Recon, no XP for Mounted; reduced Archery Range to +2 XP for Archery units; reduced Garrison to +2 XP for Recon; reduced Aerospace Complex to +4 XP for Helicopter; Flight Simulator, Holographic Flight Simulator give no XP for Helicopter; Ultimate Soldiers Trainer reduced to +4 XP for Land units, replaces Combat Simulator, Holographic Combat Simulator; deleted Drill Yard
Power Armored Infantry moved to Automated Vehicles; upgrades to Assault Droid; added collateral damage (max 60%/6 units), ranged attack (range 1, accuracy 70%)
Walker Droid moved to Automated Vehicles; upgrades to Scout Mech; +25% city defense changed to +10% city attack
Assault Droid cost increased to 1300; strength increased to 150; added 1 first strike, 20% intercept, Blitz promotion; changed +25% city strength to +10% city attack
Nanite Swarm, Nanite Cloud reduced to 3 per civilization; removed all access to promotions except starting promotions; added flat movement, paradrop ability (range 20, 75% evade); Nanite Swarm increased to base strength 200, Nanite Cloud increased to base strength 400
Constructor Ship moved to Automated Vehicles
Littoral Combat Ship moved to Machine Learning
Stealth Submarine, Fusion Submarine removed evasion chance
Fusion Transport removed invisibility and interception chance; removed Invisibility tech requirement; added Can Only Defend
Modern Fighter moved to Machine Learning
Drone Bombers moved to Machine Learning
Smart Missile moved to Cybernetics
Small Diameter Bomb moved to Machine Learning

Added Build Espionage process (available at Paper)
Fixed help text for Overwhelm event (English only)
1023 1546d 02h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Temporarily removed new Free Trade Agreement code
Workers cannot be enslaved anymore ("free worker when enslaving" bug, they can still be captured)
Workers are tradeable again but option default off in BUG diplomacy menu
Religion spread/decay rates tweaked, slower spread before Middle Age, faster decay
Minimum city border option hidden and off by default
Permanent Alliance option hidden and off by default (but activable via BUG menu)
Early work on Permanent Alliances, now multi civs alliances can be signed (i.e. more than 2 civs in the same alliance)
1022 1549d 02h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Fixed text from "No Future Era" to "No Transhuman Era"
Workers are not tradeable anymore
Reduced enslavement rate from 10% to 3%
Rearranged techs costs from Industrial onwards to make them always increasing
1021 1558d 23h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1021:
Apollo Program project name changed to Space Program; does not require Space Race Victory to be enabled to be available
Hubble Space Telescope, International Space Station require Space Program built by player, not anyone (changed <AnyonePrereqProject> to <PrereqProject>); cost of both increased to 3200
New Apollo Program world project; requires Space Flight tech, Space Program project; base cost 3200; provides +2 happiness and +5% culture to all cities
Trade Route bonus deleted from Internet

Lowered Heroic Epic unit level requirement to 5
Omnifactory increased to +350% production and +50% commerce
Changed advisors for many technologies
Changed free Galley event to Ship Building
1020 1561d 03h vokarya /Trunk/Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn/Assets/ Rev 1020
Tech Tree changes
Deleted techs: Nanoelectronics, Smart Dust, Homo Superior
Renamed techs: Nanobotics to Nanomachines, Smart Drugs to Nanomedicine

Content moves for deleted techs
Regenerator to Nanomedicine
Nanite Lab to Nanomachines
Utility Fog to Nanomining
Nanite Defuser to Nanomachines
Nanite Spy moved to Nanomachines
ACV moved to Advanced Computers
ACV SAM moved to Advanced Computers
Super Soldier moved to Artificial Evolution
Nanoids promo moved to Nanomedicine
Power Source Upgrade MK 1 promo moved to Nanobotics
Sensors I promo moved to Cybernetics
SS Life Support moved to Organic Cities
SS Docking Bay moved to Space Colonies
Universal Translator moved to Quantum Computing
Great Prophet moved to Mind Uploading

Other building changes
Museum is +2 culture instead of +1/+10%
No GPP from Grove, Castle Garden, City Park, Paradise Garden, Art Gallery, Salon, Advanced Quality Control, Omnifactory
Art Gallery, Salon gives +10% culture instead of +4; requires Sculptor's Workshop, Artists Guild, Painter's Studio or Photographer's Studio; no Artist slot
Theatre only gives 1 happy/20% culture slider
Opera House increased to +5 culture and replaces Theatre
Movie Theatre adds +1 happiness, culture reduced to +4, removed free Celebrity
Red Curtains Theatre adds +1 happiness, removed free Celebrity
Holotheatre adds +1 happiness, culture reduced to +8, removed free Celebrity

Other changes
Fix off-by-one error in slave unit designator
Recalibrate movement rates for Railroad, Electric Railroad, Highway, Maglev; delete all movement bonuses from techs (upgrading handles this now)
1019 1565d 09h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations (no support for Estonian or Esperanto yet).  

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