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1082 876d 04h n4538-e1347 /Trunk/ Fixed health/unhealthiness caused by improvements
Animals spawn up to classical era
Reverted to previous version of the updater/launcher until the new one can be fixed
1080 934d 22h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations.
- Launcher is now more customizable for modding (see launcher repository for details).
1055 1507d 23h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations.
- Merged PBMod.xml with other text files.
- Fixed a bug where a translation wasn't updated because the new translation was similar to the English one (thanks Dreifels for the report). The similar translations are now deleted and only English is kept, thus making files lighter.

- Updated directory structure (aligned with megacivpack).
- Added scripts to create a new installer and to update the translation (it needs Autohotkey installed).
- Updated tools binaries and add linux binaries.
1019 1827d 04h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations (no support for Estonian or Esperanto yet).  
993 2084d 12h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations (last import reports are now put in translations/)
- Fix: Meso-American caravel was using the wrong button
- Fix: Disable the activation of the BUG modules when starting the game from Pitboss (no screen = errors).
- Installer lang update:
--> Fix: Lang updater now updates commented language
--> Fix: Lang updater now replaces transifex' slashes during imports

- Launcher updated to 1.22:
--> A warning will appear if you are using the wrong Steam version (can be disabled in the options)
--> If the Mega Civ. Pack is installed and enabled, the launcher will now warn you when an update is available.
--> Updated translations
989 2094d 09h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Added support for Ukrainian (more than 5% translated).
- Updated translations.
- Dev: Rewrited the documentation for the installer and the translation updater. Added the NSIS unicode setup.
- Dev: Improved the installer language updater to prevent it to use illegal characters.
- Dev: Renamed the installer helper tool "installer_lang_update.exe" to "script_translations.exe" to avoid the need of administrator privileges.
- Dev: Compressed tools using UPX.
- Launcher updated to 1.21:
---> Ukrainian support
---> Removed language percentage from menu. Check it directly on the translation page.
---> Fix: The dev tracker button cannot be checked.
978 2196d 23h dbkblk /Trunk/ Updated languages stats and installer  
968 2230d 01h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated translations for de (+1%), ru (+7%), cs (+7%), da (+1%), zh-Hans (+1%), el (+2%) & pt_BR (+3%)  
957 2258d 14h dbkblk /Trunk/ Updated translations: de (+3%), it (+3%), es (+3%), pl (+1%), ru (+2%), cs (+13%), da (+4%), ar (+3%), ko (+3%), el (+2%), pt (+2%), pt_BR (+6%), nl (+1%), ca (+2%), zh_Hans (+11%), bg (+0%), tr (+0%). Thanks to all the translators :)  
954 2264d 22h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Fixed some typos in English strings. Thanks to the translators who reported this!
- Removed some duplicated GP / City names
- Reverted some pathfinding changes. Should fix the weird strategic AI choices.
- Updated installer languages. Now available in ar, bg, ca, cz, el, pt_PT, pt_BR and ru. Thanks to all the respective translators :)
950 2267d 10h dbkblk /Trunk/ - The new AI will build military units faster if there is a barbarian city less than 8 tiles away.
- Add AI logic for building carriers and missile carriers
- Fixed some wrong AI air unit definitions
- Reverted some AI pathfinding changes.
- Fix the endless AI grouping with xUPT when there is too much units.
- UI: Removed top spires
- Increased the minimal barbarian emergence city size from 3 to 5 (less but stronger emergences)
- New installer translations: Arabic, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Portuguese and Russian. Thanks to the respective teams :)
915 2289d 10h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Removed MSVC2010 dependencies from installer and the redist in mod folder
- Updated Italian installer translations
- Updated Czech, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish launcher translations
913 2289d 11h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Linux & MacOS launcher compatibility -

- Launcher, updater and all others tools are recompiled with MinGW, which ensures full compatibility with Linux (Wine) and MacOS (Wine/CrossOver). Tested under Ubuntu 14.04. All the internal tools (rsync, tar, etc.) are now from the MSYS distribution instead of CygWin. MSVC2010 isn't needed anymore!
- Add: initial support for Brazilian (split from Portuguese).
- Fix: missing Greek flag in the launcher
- Fix: critical error in the updater, which sometimes corrupts the interface and art files. Note: this will be effective only once this update will be applied.
- Fix: Carpenter text tags were Carpenter2.
- Updated Czech, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish translations.
- Launcher updated to 1.17:
---> Compatibility with MSYS
---> Brazilian compatibility
903 2296d 01h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Fix: Military advisor tabs were not working on non-English languages.
- Fix: Hellenism icon is now a dracma
- Modern flags is now optional (enable/disable in the launcher options) [ON by default]
- Updated Arabic, Czech, Danish, French and Chinese translations. Note: The installer is now translated in Danish, thanks to Gram123.
- Launcher updated to 1.14:
---> New shortcuts for development tracker, FAQ and to re-apply Asian patch (Menu -> Fix installation)
---> Option to enable/disable modern flags
898 2303d 04h dbkblk /Trunk/ - Updated French and Polish translations.
- Launcher updated to 1.12:
---> The enabled mods are now saved and re-enabled after an update (will work the next time a mod is enabled)
---> New icons for enabled/disabled mod status
---> Update window: changed "distant" to "remote" in English.
- Devs: The installer script is now part of the repository. An executable has been created to update the installer language. Read Installer/README.txt.
- Devs: Language importer fixes:
---> The tool now only import enabled languages.
- Devs: All the helper tools source codes are now hosted at