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347 3439d 06h afforess /Trunk/ UU Balancing. Trait Balancing. Building Balancing. Fixed Revolutions issue where Civic effects were added backwards.  
344 3440d 09h afforess /Trunk/Example/ Schema Update.  
327 3443d 04h afforess /Trunk/ Updated Installer. Fixed Improvement Art Bug.  
292 3444d 08h afforess /Trunk/ Removed Green Facility, Waste Refinement, and Vertical Farm.  
279 3445d 08h afforess /Trunk/Example/ Schema Update.  
240 3474d 05h afforess /Trunk/ Added 3 New Intermediary Culture Levels for Realistic Culture Spread only. Improvement Balancing.  
238 3475d 09h afforess /Trunk/ Added PrereqOrGameSpeed to buildings. Added Modern Corporations and Guilds to the installer.  
232 3476d 23h afforess /Trunk/ Added AI for all 4 new civic tags. Added SpecialistYieldPercentChanges and SpecialistCommercePercentChanges for civics. Updated Schema's, Example/Example_CIV4CivicInfos.xml and DLL.  
231 3477d 05h afforess /Trunk/ Added ImprovementHappinessChanges and ImprovementHealthPercentChanges to Civics. Note: no AI yet.  
209 3480d 10h afforess /Trunk/ Masters Dojo replaces Training Dojo. City Park upgrade chain added.  
191 3485d 10h afforess /Trunk/Example/ Update Schema's  
187 3498d 22h afforess /Trunk/ Updated Unit Automations, Discouraged units from attacking when adjacent enemies are present, or odds are poor. Also added option for players to force Border Patrol units to stay inside borders. Updated Building Upgrades to be standalone, and moved it into it's own installer option. Tweaked Better RoM religion civics. Improved AI and added several new gameoptions.  
181 3508d 07h afforess /Trunk/ New Gameoptions, New Icons for Advanced Automations, Other changes detailed in todo list.  
178 3511d 04h afforess /Trunk/ Merged RoM 2.92, RevDCM 2.8. Fixed City Defense Automation.

Note to Modders: INSTALL OVER ROM 2.92, NOT 2.91!!
175 3512d 07h afforess /Trunk/ Finished Castle Improvements and Castle Improvements AI.  
174 3513d 05h afforess /Trunk/ Automate City Defense should work better now, with defenders attacking weak, nearby enemy units, then retreating back to the city. Dynamic Civ Names now properly works with Monarchy Civic. Seafaring Modmod moved into Better RoM. Better RoM Improvements now deal significantly more negative health effects, to balance against all the resources, and Trade Improvements no longer reduce food. Fixed a bug in the amount of food required for growth, with era scaling. Added Terrain Damage Modmod. -- Need to make optional.  
172 3513d 22h afforess /Trunk/ New Loading Changes allow AND to be loaded from the My Games Mod Folder, and work properly in Steam Installs. Added several new building tags for Killtech.  
170 3514d 03h afforess /Trunk/ Added a new Building XML tag, fixed bug with City Defense Automation, updated Killtech's Buildings to work standalone.  
169 3514d 12h afforess /Trunk/ Killtech's building upgrades and Os79's Better Units are included. 4 New Automation Types for Units -- Needs Significant Testing -- Needs New Icons. Improved Text for Buildings that speed up training units and for buildings that speed up building construction.  
165 3519d 00h afforess /Trunk/  

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